Serves us Crazy Canucks right!

December 1st, 2008 by Jules Leave a reply »
All I can say is its about freaking time! This is what happens when Canadians become so interested in other country’s politics and become apathetic towards their own. This is what happens when only 50% of the population choose to exercise their democratic right. They lose them more or less and I say it serves them right.

Less than 2 months ago, we had our Federal election. Now there is serious talk the opposition parties are going to form a coalition early in the week and topple Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Conservative minorty. This could happen as early as December 8, 2008. In short, this is the motion that will be brought forward next time Parliament sits,

“In light of the government’s failure to recognize the seriousness of Canada’s economic situation and its failure in particular to present any credible plan to stimulate the Canadian economy and to help workers and businesses in hard-pressed sectors such as manufacturing, the automotive industry and forestry, this House has lost confidence in this government and is of the opinion that a viable alternative government can be formed within the present House of Commons.”

Once the majority sitting (the 3 opposition parties) vote in favour, they need to meet with the Governor General to have her approval to form Government without going back to the polls. Going back to the polls during a time of economic crisis will further harm the economy as Mr. Harper is failing to do anything about it and no more time can be wasted. The Governor General will be out of the country at the time, however she has given permission for the Supreme Court to act on her behalf during this time of crisis.

I applaud the opposition parties for what they are trying to do. And as far as I am concerned, if Canadians actually look at the situation, they brought it upon themselves and shouldn’t bitch. Well let me put a disclaimer on that: the 50% who did not vote, you have no voice now and need suck it up. In order to have the right to complain about what the government is doing, VOTE! If you didn’t care enough less than 2 months ago to voice your opinion, well why should you care now since made it obvious during the election that you don’t actually care. If you did care, you would have voted. As for the other 50%, all I have to say is even so Harper is Prime Minister, he did not get the majority of the votes. Had he the majority of votes like he deludes himself into receiving while saying shit like he received “a clear mandate” to get Canada on track during the election. Sorry to inform you Mr. Harper, but less than 50% of the seats is not a clear mandate especially when only 50% of the eligible voters decided to vote. The opposition parties talked of forming a coalition during the election if Harper did not do his job. Well he isn’t and they are coming through with what they said they would do. No backroom deals here as Harper likes to say.

In my opinion, this is not a time to head back to the polls. It is time for the Opposition Parties to step up and take control in this economic time of uncertainty as the Harper government is failing to do so. In the past couple of days alone, they have flip flopped 3 times on what steps they plan to take in order to secure Canada’s economy. It is time for change that should have taken place back in October during our Federal election.

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