In Which Someone Decides to Save My Soul

June 13th, 2009 by Jules Leave a reply »
Last night’s Geeky Pleasures show was so much fun. It was the first time that not only did people get to hear it on the radio either through the FM feed, iTunes or going to the station’s website itself, but they also had the opportunity to see what goes on behind this end of the computer while I broadcast through USTREAM. I had one person come into chat on USTREAM complaining that I wasn’t saying anything there. Well that is not what the USTREAM is for and it is explained in the show description. If you want to hear the show, you need to tune in from the station’s site, iTunes or 102.5 FM if you live in the Hudson Valley, NY area. If you want to listen and watch, then you tune into the station’s site and USTREAM feed. Plus with the USTREAM you get to join me in a live chat while I broadcast. This will now be a weekly occurrence.

The topic last night was Geeky Sci-Fi Fantasies. My inspiration for it came from a discussion that took place here. If you are too lazy to click the link, here is a quick summary. You know how people make those lists of 3 or 5 people that if they were to meet them and they were in a relationship, they could have sex with them and it wouldn’t be considered cheating? Well my list doesn’t include any real people. My list includes Optimus Prime, Data (not Brent, Data because I want to see how fully functional he really is) and Superman (sex while flying would be cool). As well, I always include listener’s contributions in my show and last night I had some really good ones. Beside the Geeky sex talk, I also read the “Top 15 Science Fiction Geek Pick-up Lines” and “Top 10 Geek Pick-up Lines on Twitter”.

Well I guess all the Geek and Sex talk (let me tell you it got pretty steamy) offended someone. Half way during my show, this arrived in my e-mail. A listener decided that my soul needed saving. The beginning of this starts of a little slow, but trust me its worth the listen.

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