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I have been lacking inspiration lately to create. It has been something that has been preoccupying my thoughts to no end. There was a time in my life where everything inspired me to create something. Whether it was written, on canvas, some silly little video, a piece of choreography, something to sew, something to craft, I always found the time and had inspiration to do these things. When I feel creative I feel productive. I have feeling as if my creative well had run dry. It has been very depressing as it is so much a part of who I feel I am. It is also a great reliever of stress and very important for my me time. Tonight my inspirational dry zone finally saw some much needed rain. The thirst to feel creative, never mind to create, has been quenched. I owe part of this down pour of creative thought in part to @CaptainTapole.

It all started off with the following banter back on twitter.
CT: My iPod is loving Depeche Mode and Rod Stewart this evening. I know, odd mixture.

Me: *sings* Put it on and don’t say a word. Put it on cause you think I’m sexy and you want my body come on sugar let me know.
CT: I knew it! You are seducing me so I can forfeit the Dance-Off. I’m onto you now, Missy.

(for more info on the Dance-Off, read this PAX2009 Juicy Goodness)

Me: *looking innocent” who? moi? *hides the horns holding up her halo* I would never do such a thing! *pinky to mouth*
CT: Yeeeeaaaahhhh. Uh-huh. I can see that red tail…
Me: That’s not a tail. That’s my whip.
CT: Ooo Honey. You know what I like.
Me: tee hee. Reach out and touch faith and by faith I mean that is my dom name for the night.

CT: *Points* I…yeah, no. So much to say there that will only end up having a love night with you.
It was sometime during that conversation that I decided to listen to Depeche Mode. More specifically, the album Violator. That is my most favourite Depeche Mode album. And then the song “Waiting For The Night” came on and suddenly I was hit with huge inspiration and images flying through my brain to create another one of these (for best effect watch in full screen mode. P.S. contains scenes of violence, nudity and sexual situation that may be objectional to some viewers):

It is not much but I am very proud of it. It is the first video of this sort that I created and I so loved doing it. It is the first thing I created where I did not repeatedly beat myself up over for little small mistakes that only I would notice. That I can myself watch over and over again without thinking “Oh dear why on earth did I ever think this was a good idea.” I have been wanting to make another one for a long time but have been lacking inpiration on all creative fronts.

Thank you @CaptainTapole and Depeche Mode for bringing on the rain. Here come nights of watching the same movie over and over again, writing down time indexes and editing. I feel restored!

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