Are You Sure You Haven't Had Sex With Ares?

August 9th, 2009 by Jules Leave a reply »

My children are a constant source of amusment and humour.  They ask me random questions all the time. (Note: my youngest is currently reading over my shoulder as I type this and is wanting me to correct the above to: My youngest is a constant source of amusement and humour and asks me random questions all the time.)  Today is one of those days.

I was trying to take a short nap before getting back to the crazy that is going to be my week getting everything together for my vacation on Friday, when my youngest asks as he is bursting through the door after being outside playing with his friends:

“Are you sure you haven’t had sex with Ares?!?”

I give my head a quick shake to make sure I heard him correctly before I respond with shock and amusment, “What?!?! Why would you ask that?”

“Well we both have orange hair.  I am fearless and a daredevil.  I am good in combat.  I find myself escaping near death situations all the time.  I am an Aries.  Like seriously mom, I should have died many times and I am still here.  I could be a demi-god!”

I chuckle and respond, “Honey, I don’t think I have had sex with Ares.  Ares is not your father.”

He walked out of the room shaking his head as if I were crazy to not see the simularities.  I ponder on this conversation for a few moments before I follow him down to the living room.  I then asked him, “What brought that question on?  That was a bit random.”

Looking at me like I should already know the answer, “Mom, this is me.  Most of what I say is completely random.  But seriously mom, just think about it for a bit.  We are like the same person. I know you don’t believe in luck so how else do explain my many escapes from death and my Ares like abilities.  I am a demi-god.”

I have come to the conclusion that I let him play way too much God of War.


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