Fruit Anyone?

August 12th, 2009 by Jules Leave a reply »

This is yet another blog about my children and so much more.

My youngest came bursting through the door (as he does quite frequently) to inform me he is selling 2 Japanese Plums to the neighbourhood for $0.25 and he has already made a buck.  Funny thing is, they are not really his plums to sell.  They belong to the landlord.  Even funnier is that the landlord’s teenage daughter is going to buy some from him.

Now this reminds me of myself when I was his age (10).  What a weird year that was.  I started off the school year by getting detention 2nd day of school for getting into a food fight and then shattering my arm on a dare  the 4th day of school(that is another blog in itself).  And let me tell you, this was devistating for me as I was a model child and student.

During that same year, I decided I was going to make money and lots of it.  Not only was I going to make money, but I was going to be “found” for this idea and the whole world would be exposed to my brilliance.  And part of me thinks someone found my idea and stole it (but that is my 10 year old self talking.  Someone else must have had this idea at some point).  However, my brilliance got me in a little trouble at school for “taking advantage of my friends.”  Let me tell you, it is not always easy having great ideas, especially when you are 10 and no one takes them seriously.

I started to draw comics during that year.  My comics were about hamsters.  They were not just ordinary hamsters, they had super powers.  These super power hero hamsters lived in their own little communities with other animals by day and by night would fly around and save the world. The main super hamster was styled after my own pet hamster, Harry.  Do you see any similarities between this and a cartoon that came out later *cough*Hamtaro*cough*?

I put the comics together very quickly.  They were nothing really to look at.  They had a construction paper cover with a drawing, title, price and comic number.  Inside was a hastily drawn, uncoloured comic.  They were maybe 16 pages total.  The price on the cover a mere $0.50. What a deal! And my friends thought so as well.  Who wouldn’t want an original Jules comic?

Well about a month into my venture, my mother got a phone call from the school.  They were not happy at all with this idea.  They had confiscated one of my comics, called my mother into the office, showed it to her and went on to say how I was taking advantage of my friends selling comics for $0.50 and even made a note that the comics were not even coloured.  They were quite disappointment in me as I was this great student and my actions were just not acceptable.  My mom tried to act serious about the matter and told them she would talk me about this.

And thus ended the first of many ideas.  So of course I find it ever so amusing that my youngest is following in my footsteps in a round about way without knowledge of my own attempts to make money as a 10 year old child with brilliant ideas.


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