Walking In My Footsteps

September 24th, 2009 by Jules Leave a reply »

I have written before that when I was younger I use to play a lot of make believe. When my friends and I played “Transformers”, “G.I. Joe”, “Justice League”, army etc., we did not play those games using toys. We would run around the neighbourhood and be those characters. We took RPG off of the page and into our environment.

Kid2 is now doing the same with his friends. He is home sick from school this week and he just told me the most awesome story.

They have created a fantasy-type RPG for the entire neighbourhood. One of the basic rules is you do not get to pick your race. Your race is chosen for you depending on which street you live on. Another rule is once you are Level 1, you need to kill 5 people to level up. Once you reach Level 2, you need to kill 10 people, Level 3 = 15 kills, Level 4 = 20 kills, etc. Once you reach Level 80, your character becomes a guardian of the newbies. Your role becomes the protector of the n00bs from other races.

If you are a Human (this is Kids2’s race) the classes you can be are: Barbarian, Rogue, Wizard and Blade Master. Kid2 has two characters: Human Barbarian and Human Rogue. If you are a Gnome, the classes you can be are: Wizard, Warrior, Druid and Shaman. If you are a Dwarf, the classes you can be are: Miner, Healer, Paladin and Hunter. If you are an Elf, the classes you can be are: Druid, Hunter, Warrior, and Wizard. If you are an Orc, the classes you can be are: Hunter, Warrior, Blade Master and Barbarian. If you an Undead, the classes you can be are: Wizard, Rogue, Hunter and Blade Master. If you are Goblin, the classes you can be are: Rogue, Hunter, Blade Master and Shaman. If you are a Half Wolf /Half Human, the classes you can be are: Wizard, Warrior, Blade Master and Shaman. If you are a Troll, the classes you can be are: Shaman, Wizard, Warrior and Rogue. If you are Tauren, the classes you can be are: Hunter, Barbarian, Warrior and Shaman.

Depending on class, you start of with a specific weapon which the player fashions themself. An example is if you are a Barbarian, you start off with a club. Basic game play is that you start off with basic clothes and weapons. There are quests that each of the players makes up. You need to talk to the other players to find out how to proceed throughout the game and level up according to the rules laid out by that player in order to  finish your quest. The player also has the ability to free play and kill monsters to level up. You can join groups and guilds, create your own guild and explore the whole entire world (AKA neighbourhood even so Kid2 states that eventually he and his friends are going to map the entire world and assign races to each street) in order to create and develop your character.

They have not created character sheets for this. They do this on an honour system and trust that everyone is playing the game fairly.

I think it is just beyond cool that Kid2 has herded his friends together and has brought the love of gaming to the outdoors.



  1. That is totally awesome!!

    Reminds me of a time when my brother and I were much younger. We were camping and it wad raining. We had already reread all the comics. So I took the dice from the snakes and ladders game and made up an RPG on the fly. The was a fun way to kill a rainy afternoon.