Because Bills Just Don't Go Away

November 12th, 2009 by Jules Leave a reply »

*sigh* Something I have been doing a lot of lately. I am not going to enjoy writing this post and I honestly wish I didn’t have to. Friends of mine have been pushing me for weeks to write it and I keep saying no but now I really do not have a choice.

I don’t know if people realize this or not but I am self-employed which is a huge YAY. I do not have to get dressed to go to work, I have complete creative freedom over what I do, and when I am going through a Lupus flare, I do not have to worry about losing a job because of my health. Being an independent contractor has a lot of bonuses for me. Especially during seasons such as these ones where my doctor has once again decided that I need to be in reverse quarantine and am not allowed to mingle with the general population in order for me to remain somewhat healthy.

This also comes at a huge drawback. If I lose even one contract, then I am completely screwed financially. And this is what happened a month ago and with no warning. It is a temporary loss due to funding restrictions and the contract will become active again sometime in the future, I just have no idea when. This has hurt my pocket book immensely. And I do not have the luxury to find a temporary “real” job outside of the house because of the severity of my Lupus. So this leaves me in a quandary. And because I really suck at pimping myself out, self-promoting and refuse to use “connections” like many have suggested to me, this leaves me with even less options that I feel comfortable with. Even so it bites me in the ass from time to time, I am not the type of person to do things I am not comfortable with, well that is until now. *sigh*

I have been working so hard on so many different projects lately and most of them are finally starting to pay off in one way or another. I wrote last month that I may be going away again but thanks to a generous offer from a friend, I was given a months reprieve. I was hoping in that time I would finally hear back from some potential sponsors of my Geeky Pleasures site and all would be good. Despite numerous emails asking for an update, I still have not heard back from the one I am most excited about and another one said not at this time but we will keep you in mind for the near future. Well shit that doesn’t really help.

Many friends have been telling me I should put a donate through Paypal button on my site. My reaction has been “I am not comfortable with that and I would feel guilty.” They come back at me with some variation of “But Geeky Pleasures needs to stay around. It can’t disappear. It just can’t.” Even so their sentiment is appreciated, I still get taken a back every time someone messages me or emails me telling me how much they appreciate and enjoy both my website and my radio show.

So because bills just don’t go away and I have two children to feed, I have given in. I have become affiliates with a few companies. This means that my Geeky Pleasures site (which I was hoping to keep ad free) is no longer ad free. From time to time I will posting deals from said companies because in return for placing their ads on my site, I get a commission from any sales. One of these companies is Tiger Direct. Also my affiliates page will be updated as more affiliates are added. Once a week, I will be posting their weekly deals and any other promotions that they send me. The two major drawbacks to this are: I worry I may lose readers over this and I do not get paid immediately for said sales. However, if you are looking to make a purchase for say hardware or software for you computer, games or other such things, I would greatly appreciate you check out my website and go through my affiliates if you are so inclined.

My book is also available for purchase. I posted that news on my Geeky Pleasures site but did not do so here. People have been purchasing it or they tell me they plan on doing so soon. This is awesome and I so appreciate it especially since partial proceeds will be donated to the B.C. Lupus Society where the money will be earmarked for Lupus research and treatment. However, just like the affiliates, I do not get paid for those sales immediately either. There is a hold back. And when I decided to finally finish this book, I never intended to make money from it. The purpose was to raise awareness, fundraising, to get a message out and to leave something for my children. If my only reason for it was to make money, I would have gone through a publisher like I was offered. However, I refused their offer because of the reasons mentioned and self-published which may have been a mistake as people are still leery of self-published books. If you are one of those who have already bought my book or plan to soon, my deepest thanks.

And now finally, I am now accepting donations on my Geeky Pleasures site. This decision was the hardest for me to make. However after strong urging from a few individuals and the need for an immediate solution, I am very reluctantly doing so. If I do not find an immediate solution, Geeky Pleasures will be pulled at the end of the month. And I personally feel this would be a shame. The biggest reasons why I think this would be a shame is because of the platform I am able to give independent artists and musicians. Believe it or not, it has nothing to do with me. Also, it has given a platform for other contributors to get their geek on and readers a little hub for many things geek related. I have had many inquiries lately from people asking me if they could contribute on my site and I really want to be able to give them that. I find it awesome people want to take part in it and that it is starting to become a little community. Without any real promotion or advertising of that site, I have had more page views in the first 3 months than Fark had in its first year. I personally feel this to be a huge accomplishment. When Fark started a decade ago, there was little competition. However in today’s world that is not the case. My site is but one in millions upon millions and the fact it is doing so well blows my mind on a daily basis. The feedback I get on a daily basis blows my mind. Every time someone contacts me for an interview through my site instead of through the station or wanting to contribute or just tells me how much they enjoy it and are happy that I am doing what I do, I honestly get a little teary and think “Wow, I cannot believe this is my life!” I just hope coming to this decision does not have the opposite affect and that I do not alienate my wonderful readers. That would really suck. But because bills just don’t go away and I need to fix this until a better, more permanent solution presents itself, it is time for me to “swallow my pride” as one reader put it to me and just do it.

I really hope you understand and thank you for your understanding if you do.


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