Deep Thoughts Inspired By A 10 Year Old

November 3rd, 2009 by Jules Leave a reply »

Kid2 is home sick today. Instead of doing the normal things that 10 year old boys do when home sick, such a laying on the couch all day playing video games, he is listening to ABBA karaoke on VOD.

I asked him what he is listening to. His response, “I am listening to Mama Mia because (insert name of his girlfriend here) doesn’t like it and I want to know why.”

This made me think. When do people stop taking a genuine interest in others?

I am the type of person who will explore what people like or don’t like, especially if I am in a relationship with them whether the relationship is platonic or romantic. Even if it is not something I am remotely interested in, I still explore the subject matter because I want to know what it is about that subject that causes them to dislike it or not. Now I do not know if this is a product of me caring for the person or just a bi-product of me naturally being a very curious creature or a mix of both.

However, in my experiences I have not found this to me true of most people. They find my inquiries strange and do not understand why I would care to know about these things if they do not naturally appeal to me. And they do not take an interest in things I do unless it is something they are interested in themselves.

So this little interaction between kid2 and myself will have me pondering all day when do people stop being curious,  stop caring and stop taking genuine interest in others?


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