Jenny McCarthy Gets Jabbed

November 1st, 2009 by Jules Leave a reply »

If you have not figured it out by now, I am anti-antivaxx.

A couple friends of mine are currently at the Victoria ComicCon. There is an artist there by the name of Tyler Nicol who will turn anything horrible and make it adorable for $5. My friends, knowing how much I wanted to be at the VCC this weekend but couldn’t because of previous commitments and how much I loathe Jenny McCarthy and the antivaxx movement, had this beautiful thing made for me. Sorry for the poor quality but all I have at the moment is a camera phone picture of this awesome.

Drawing by Tyler Nicol

Do you get what it is? It is the newest myth surrounding what will happen if you get vaccinated. Unicorns will impale you. What causes me to love this even more is the likelihood of getting the various things McCarthy et al say will happen if you vaccinate is about as likely as being impaled by a unicorn. The female in this drawing is none other than Jenny McCarthy. Bloody Brilliant!

Thank you @Chibi_Tzar for this!



  1. Tyler Nicol says:

    …. Well … Good times … I’m glad everybody seems to be enjoying my adorable horrible drawings.

    also one day I’m going to learn how to draw horses that are NOT “My Little Pony” style.