You Have To Hold On To These Until I Free My Shadow Lord From His Icey Prison

November 10th, 2009 by Jules Leave a reply »

My children constantly amuse me if you have not already figured out by my stories and tweets.

Here is a brief story in the latest saga of my children.

Kid 2 just walked into my office, stuck Bionicle swords on my desk and declared, “You have to hold to these until I free my Shadow Lord from his icey prison!”

I looked at him bewildered and amused as I often do and asked, “Did you just stick your Bionicle in the big cup of water you are currently freezing?”

He smiled his mischievous smiled and responded, “Yes I did. Now lock these away in your desk so that the Shadow Lord cannot acquire them and free himself before his time.” He followed this with a mad scientist cackle.

Before I could even react, he grabbed my desk keys, locked up the swords in one of my drawers, handed me the keys and said, “You better hide these. The fate of the planet depends on it.”

Kid2 then exited stage left.


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