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February 9th, 2010

I have seriously awesome children.  If you have ready any of my blog posts about my children, you may have a small idea of just how fantabulous they are. Today Kid2 reached a new level of beyond wonderful.

Upon return from school today, he burst through the door declaring, “I was 40 minutes late for school today but I have a really good reason mom!” I thought to myself “it better be a damn good reason considering you left for school 10 minutes earlier than normal” but I shoved that thought deep inside and asked, “why were you late?”

That is when he proceeded to tell me one of the most horrendous stories I have ever heard. His friend and he were walking to school when they saw a cat crossing the road. A volkswagon was driving up the road. When it got to the cat, instead of slowing down the car sped up and purposely ran over the cat. (Later on his friend would describe the event in more detail. Telling me that when the car ran over the cat, it made the most disgusting and loud thud he had ever heard.) After running over the cat in front of my son and his friend it sped off. Kid2 said he had tried to see a license plate number but didn’t get it in time.

So his friend and he went to get the cat. They picked it up, wrapped it up in one of their coats and proceeded to knock on all the doors in the area trying to find the owner. None of the people they talked to said the cat was theirs. At last they knocked on a door that said even so the cat was not his, he was going to take the cat to the vet for treatment. Later on, that man showed up to kid2’s school to let him know that if it were not for him and his friend, the cat would have died. However, thanks to their actions the cat is being treated for its injuries and should live.

This is one of the proudest moments I have had as a parent. My children continue to grow up into fine young gentlemen and making tough decisions that may cause them to get into trouble but are the right thing to do regardless. Kid2 reached a whole new level of superhero today.