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Conflicted Yet Creeped Out

March 30th, 2010

People say some pretty weird shit to me all the time. Some of it is rather creepy. Some have witnessed this creepy during my Geeky Pleasures radio show. Some of these peculiar comments and questions make it to formspring. I also have made a strict “not going to censor” people comments that they may leave, either here or on my Geeky Pleasures website as I have moral and ethical objections to that kind of censorship. I live in a pretty censor-free country and my views are shaped because of this. I say some pretty controversial things, I expect my right to free speech to be respected and I give people the same leniency, even if their opinion, thoughts, questions, etc., do not mesh with mine or are mean. Because like I’ve said, I have said some pretty mean things especially here on my personal blog.

But today somebody overstepped into new realms of creepy. A comment is currently waiting for my approval on my Geeky Pleasures website and I just don’t know what to do with it. It takes creepy to a whole new level and I feel a little gross after reading it. Most people are telling me to just delete it and report the guy. He has not broken any laws though, he has just made me feel a tad bit violated and gross.

And here is where I become further conflicted. The guy who left the comment lives in the same town that I do. Whenever anybody leaves a comment, I get their IP as well as a whois entry for that person. The dude lives in the same neighbourhood as I do. This bothers me greatly especially as I have had stalkers in the past and have one now. Had the comment been left by someone not local, I would probably have let it through without a second thought. But I am afraid if I let it through, it would be encouraging the person. I am afraid if I don’t let the comment through, I will be looked at like a hypocrite.

A lot of people are saying “delete it”. One person even said “report him to his ISP”. Well he hasn’t really done anything wrong besides be a creepy person and cause me to be a little paranoid and worried. Maybe I am overreacting but past experiences tell me that my reaction is normal considering the close proximity of this person. Or maybe I am giving myself too many airs and am creeped out and worried over nothing. Maybe this person thought they were being funny. Maybe I am over reacting. Maybe I should let it through and respond telling him that his comment is creepy and not appreciated. Maybe that will encourage more comments though. There are a lot of maybes and this is further cause of conflict.

Conflicted yet creeped out Jules is conflicted yet creeped out.