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You Want To Know What Is Worse Than A Troll On Formspring?

May 16th, 2010

Even if you don’t want to know, I’m going to tell you. Because I am beyond irate at the moment. And I am once again thinking “why do I even bother?”

You know what? I may have strong opinions. I may have a tendency to have a big mouth. I may be overly upfront and honest. I may not know how to sugar coat things. I may say a lot of things to get a reaction out of people in return when they try to do the same thing to me. I may do a lot of things people do not understand. But guess what? I welcome people to ask me about those things. I welcome people to say TO MY FACE, “Hey, Jules. You did this thing that I don’t really understand why especially when I would have done it this way. Do you mind explaining?” And I would say, “Sure! I’d be happy to!” And heaven knows, I don’t expect people to agree with me. You can have your opinions and I can have mine but at least let’s try and understand where both parties are coming from. And if we agree to disagree, at least a conversation took place.

But no. People decide to be worse than an anonymous troll on a silly forum and talk behind my back. They make assumptions despite it being very clear that I am fully aware of what is going on. This despite me stating that I will put up with a lot. I can give it out just as good as I can get it. I can say just as ridiculous things in return. And when I’ve had to much, I have no problem telling the person to bugger off.

I don’t talk out of school. This is something I take great pride in. If I do happen to talk about someone and they are not present, I either 1) Tell them about it later or 2) Assume that they are going to find out and am prepared to talk about it to their face. I don’t go out sending emails to people not involved asking what is up. Call me crazy, but I really don’t believe it is too much to expect people treat me with the same courtesy. Especially when many have asked me either in public or private why I chose a specific course of action and I discuss it. Even more especially when I invite it and have stated this fact over and over again. At least the anonymous douche bag troll had some decency to say retarded shit somewhat to my face. Oh, you didn’t think I would find out? Funny thing is, things always seem to have a habit of getting back to me.

I don’t care what people think about me who don’t know me. But when people I care deeply about are put in the middle, I get pissed. And if you care enough to make assumption about my actions, let me state once more, come to me! Ask the bloody source. Grow a pair and have a real conversation otherwise my opinion of you is worse than that of the asshat asking inappropriate things on a silly forum. Hiding is hiding. It doesn’t matter to me if you are asking inappropriate questions or talking about me behind my back instead of to my face.

And if you don’t care enough to respect this one little simple request then why do you care enough to talk behind my back in a cowardly fashion?

Before typing this out, I had thought for a moment that I would say “Screw it! This is so not worth the aggravation.” But I would rather let the troll win than you win. At least there are at least a handful of people that actually do care that treat me with the same respect I give others. I am not going to let people who make assumptions and are cowards ruin it for them.