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At A Loss For Meaningful Words. Damn You, Wheaton And Scalzi!

May 30th, 2010

I don’t even know how I am going to write this blog. Especially as there are back stories that I am not comfortable sharing as I really am not one to name drop or talk out of school. But holy fuck. I’ve just had the wind completely knocked out of me and I can’t stop crying and shaking. Once again, I am left to be a quivering mess, incapable of rational thought beyond “OMG! This cannot be real… WOW.”

People who read my personal blog should know by know that I have Lupus, this horrible disease that has almost left my children motherless a few times now. Readers should also know that I have done a lot for quite some time now to raise funds for treatment and research, and awareness of this horrible disease. People also know that I have had the awesome opportunity to interview some pretty cool people and had other cool people lined up to interview. But stuff happened on my end and it has been put on the back burner.

Well, when I got my big-ish idea for my World Lupus Day project, I decided to break one of my rules. I decided I was going to try to use what little pull I may have and email a few of these people and ask them if they wouldn’t mind helping in some way. I told them (as I always do when Jules gets one of her crazy ideas), please don’t feel obligated to email me back with a yes or a no. Really all I wanted was them to be aware of this thing. I told them that I was very uncomfortable even asking them but the worse that can happen is no response and really, I have no expectations at all that they will help.

After all, they probably get a load of crazy requests all the time and I do not want to add to it. And as I expected, I didn’t get emails back on this topic. It didn’t hurt my feelings. I didn’t get my nose out of joint because I really do understand they have crazy busy lives. I understand that they get inundated by people who have this crazy sense of self-entitlement and heaven forbid I ever become one of those. I also know a few of them are aware that I’ve published a book. A couple of them have a copy.

Then today, John Scalzi posted a blog which said the following:

If you’re not doing anything else with your time today at about 7pm Eastern time/4pm Pacific, pop over here again.

Trust me.

And when I checked back at 4 pm my time, I found the following “Wil Wheaton/John Scalzi Fan Fiction Contest to Benefit the Lupus Alliance of America“. Below is an excerpt:

Short Form: For the benefit of the Lupus Foundation of America, John Scalzi, Wil Wheaton and Subterranean Press are running a fan fiction contest, in which contestants write a 400 to 2,000 word story describing the picture above. Any form of fan fiction is acceptable except slash. The winner of the contest will be paid for their story (10 cents a word), win a prize pack of books from Subterranean Press, and will have their story published in a special electronic chapbook featuring stories about the painting, written by Scalzi, Wheaton, Catherynne Valente and Patrick Rothfuss, to be published later this year, with profits to benefit the Lupus Foundation of America. E-mail the stories with the text in the e-mail to by 11:59pm Eastern, June 30, 2010. One entry per person.

Here’s the deal. I don’t know if it had to do with the emails I had sent. And I really don’t care because it really doesn’t matter what spurred them to do this. There is the stupid part of me that can’t help but to think my emails didn’t fall on blind eyes for a couple of reasons that I really cannot discuss HOWEVER that does not matter. This is not about me even so this has a direct effect on me and affects me deeply. This is about the 5 million Lupus sufferers worldwide who have just received one of the most awesome and amazing gifts ever from two of my favourite people (And people wonder why I’m fond of the people I am fond of. It has nothing to do with their so called “celebrity”, but to do with who these people are… you know… as real people.)

It will be quite some time before my soul recovers from this and I am able to breathe once again. Honestly, the sheer awesomeness of this I will never be able to articulate. There will never be words that are good enough to express my thanks and gratitude. I thank them from the bottom of my soul as I am sure many others will. You couldn’t ask for two better people to stand behind this cause that is so very important to me.

Just as I think no more completely awesome can come into my life (because I have had more than my fair share) something like this comes out of no where. This will forever go into the top 10 awesome things I have witnessed and/or done in my lifetime.

At a loss for meaningful word. Damn you, Wheaton and Scalzi