I Need Your Help

June 19th, 2010 by Jules Leave a reply »

I don’t like the idea of having to write this blog, but I have run out of options. And if someone doesn’t help me find a solution soon, Geeky Pleasures is going to die in a fire and it will take this blog and the World Lupus Day virtual art gallery with it.

Some of you are aware that things are really tight on my end at the moment. I have done every thing I can think of to fix this. Including reluctantly taking the advice of others and putting a donate button on Geeky Pleasures and joining affiliate programs. Despite this however, if it were not for a couple of donations, all of this would have been offline at the beginning of this year. But thankfully, last minute saves were thrown my way. Now I am in need of another last minute save. Without giving too much detail, I will try to give you the gist of the situation. Full details are not for the whole world to know, but if you want/need more details than what I am about to give, email me here.

My site is about to become a victim of its own popularity. My current host cannot handle the traffic that I receive. To give you a basic idea of what is going on, in February, my average daily transfer rate was 250 MB per day. My traffic has been increasing in such a way that in May, the average daily transfer rate was over 1 GB per day. In the last two weeks, they have had to suspend my site and reboot the server which hosts it because I kinda killed their server. Downtimes, because of inability to handle the traffic, have increased from a couple times a day to at least 10 times a day. Today alone, in the last hour, it was down twice for about 20 minutes total. I cannot have this. I don’t know if you have been subjected to it, but on my end it is more than frustrating to find my site down when I go to do some maintenance or update the site.

Because of this, I am having to switch hosts in the next couple of week. My site can no longer be hosted on a shared server and I am having to move to VPS. And thanks to another donation given to me in the last week, I am able to afford this switch… but only temporarily.

I can pay for the hosting for 3 months but after that time (as it stands at this very moment), I will have to revert back to a shared hosting plan and have the same issues or pull my site all together. I am not going to ask for donations. I figure, if people wanted to donate, they would have by now. I haven’t exactly been secret about my situation. Even so people keep telling me, “Geeky Pleasures can’t go offline”, I guess I can understand to a certain degree why they don’t want to help keep it online. That being said, I am not going to refuse donations. Even if it is just 20 dollars, that is another month the site stays up. Seriously folks, that is how broke I am right now. I can’t even afford 20 dollars a month to host the site on the necessary platform to keep the site up without glitches.

What I really need is advertisers and sponsors. Donations are more than welcomed but that is only a temporary fix. I need something permanent. The problem is, I have no idea how to go about approaching sponsors and advertisers. There has to be someone who reads my blog who knows how to do this or knows someone who knows someone. I am not looking for a lot of money. Just enough to not worry about hosting for a long while so that I can really concentrate on getting other things going. Because if this goes offline and I lose the momentum I have been fortunate enough to gain in the last few months, I doubt I’ll ever be able to climb out of the financial hole I am currently finding myself in.

I am really sorry to burden you with this. But I really am at my wits end. This is beyond frustrating. It would really suck if my site died because it became to popular. So if you see a way in which you can help, please let me know. I wouldn’t be asking for your help if I hadn’t already exhausted all options that I have been able to see.



  1. DaveLeigh says:

    I don’t know about permanent sponsors, but as far as ads go have you looked into Google Adsense? That’s what they do. I don’t get much traffic on my site, but even I get the occasional $100 check.

    • Jules says:

      I have Adsense on the site. But with adblockers and such… I think I have made a grand total of just over 7 dollars with Adsense.

      And I have a huge click-through rate with the affiliate ads, just nobody buying.