Rainy Holidays And In Which Kid1 Builds Kid2 A Tree House

September 6th, 2010 by Jules Leave a reply »

Today is the last day of summer holidays. And of course it is raining (much needed rain). The last day to sit, relax and really enjoy my children before another crazy school year begins tomorrow morning. Two more days to enjoy having a 14 year-old before he turns into a 15 year-old. One day filled with soaking in all that is Kid2. You see, he has been away for the last 23 days. What was suppose to be 1 night with my sister, turned in 2 which turned into 5 which turned into, “I’m going to keep him until either I can’t afford to keep him anymore or I can’t handle him anymore.” (He isn’t a handful but he does talk A LOT.)

She then emailed me a few days ago, offering to keep him for a few more months. It was more of her telling me rather than offering. There are many reasons for this offer. I told her, as much as I appreciate her help recently (she was not always this helpful), I really need my baby home. I have missed him terribly and things are just not the same without his incessant chatter. Today he came back home, loaded with new clothes, school supplies, an xbox and xbox games, Star Trek Transporter toy (which caused me to squee), at least an inch taller, looking, sounding and smelling more like a man. (From Twitter: Kid2 is home. YAY! Kid2: Mom. I’m expecting a squee. Me: Why? Kid2: Come look. Me: *sees Star Trek transporter set* SQUEE! Kid2: tee hee)

When he had finished showing me all of the things he brought home (the transporter is SERIOUSLY AWESOME!), he finally gave me another huge, great big long, bear hug. He looked up at me and said, “You missed me, didn’t you?” I responded, “Boy, did I ever! I am so happy you are home.” He smiled and said, “I bet.” (Later he made comments about how I was probably happy to have the break as I needed it. I said, “Not really even so it was nice not to have the constant chatter all day long.” He laughed and said, “That is why I think it was a nice break for you. I really don’t know when to shut up.” I laughed and said, “Yeah… maybe. But I missed you more than not. Things are not the same when you are not around.”)

While he was away, Kid1 made him the best gift ever! He built him a tree house in the backyard forested area. Seriously, how many nearly 15 year-old boys spend days hauling material and building a tree house for their 11 year-old brother to come home to as special surprise? Not many. When Kid2 discovered the tree house, his reaction was, “OMG! OMG! THIS IS AWESOME! OMG! OMG! OMG! THIS IS SOOOOOOOOO AWESOME!!!!” My boys are seriously beyond amazing. They may argue like all siblings do, but over all they are rather fabulous together. Kid1 really takes the time for Kid2 (when he isn’t complaining about his annoying younger brother).

A couple weeks ago, I decided to take some video of his efforts shortly before kid1 installed the laminate flooring. Alas, you will now all find out the name of kid1 as I am too lazy to edit the video. The quality is shitty. I took it with my very ancient (4 year-old) camera. It is also rather shaky. But I think it rather cool. And you get a bit of a tour of what is my backyard.

How many kids get to have a tree house (built by their older brother nonetheless) in their backyard? Pretty groovy!

UPDATE: YouTube FUBAR’d the video. I tried to re-encode the video and YouTube still FUBAR’d it. So, here it is hosted on my server. Please be patient while it buffers.

Another Update: The video is out of sync again. Even so when I previewed it, it was fine. I don’t know why. Technology is deciding to hate me again. I may fix it over the next few days.

Yet Another Update: Okay, uploaded in original format. You’ll need to QuickTime plugin to view. When I viewed it, it was in sync. Hopefully it stays that way. Or you can click the link below to download the video. Once again, you will need to be patient while it buffers.

Kid1 builds Kid2 a Tree House


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  1. Heather says:

    That. Is. AWESOME!!! Kid1 is mighty talented and Kid2 is super duper lucky!! And you are super lucky to have such cool kids! But you don’t need me to tell you that. :)