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Hey, Americans! Get Your Heads Out of Your Bloody Arses!

November 8th, 2010

I’m livid! Like really livid. Shaking in fact. I just had yet another experience which caused me to think, “This is why the world hates you, America! Your Americentrism is not doing you any favours! Wake the hell up and smell the rest of the world! You’ve been attacked? So what?? Do you think you are the only ones? Have you ever stopped for a second to think why? Do you realize you are far from perfect?? Seriously, because I do not understand why you feel you have a monopoly on horrible happenings.”

I am full to the brim with venom at the moment. The above is the really nice version of what I am thinking. Because HEAVEN FORBID that someone point out the attacks against Americans may have been asked for since they’ve been attacking and imposing their far from ideal way of life upon the world for AGES! It is about bloody time the world stood up to this messed up way of life and say, “We will not let you bully us any longer! You push the world around long enough, it will push back! You reap what you sow!”

If you are still reading this blog and are managing to wade through the venom that is being directed towards this attitude Americans have which they spew towards the rest of the world and expect us to just take it up the arse, you may be wondering what has spawned it. A stupid song writing competition, of all things, has me shaking with anger. A song writing contest?!? Jules you let a stupid song writing contest get you angry? WTF IS WRONG WITH YOU JULES?!? I’ll tell you.

The challenge for this round was to write a song from the point of view of some behind the scenes person to some big historical figure. So we had songs about some unknown person behind Castro, JFK, Columbine, Los Alamos and Rosa Parks. With the Castro song, it was some barber responsible for the missile crisis. With the JFK song, it was from the point of view of the driver. With the Columbine shooter, from the point of view of Eric’s mother. With Los Alamos, the point of view of one of the lab assistants. A few of the songs needed some clarification for the non-Americans. And when it was asked for clarification, we were met with a bit of venom like, “How dare you not know!”, but in a totally passive-aggressive way. Hey Americans, can you tell me anything about my history? Hell, I doubt most of you can tell me who my PM is without having to search it.

And then came comments of, “Wow. These songs are edgy and risky.” The first one came during the Castro song because it is a bit of a farce. It is a serious topic brought forth in a very lighthearted way. Some did not know if it was all that funny to joke about the fact the US was almost nuked. OOO Edgy. As more of these “touchy subject”, “edgy”, “sensitive topic”, “not politically correct” songs came out, there were more comments about pushing the envelope with subject choices and how brave it was to do so. So of course the non-American’s asked, “Why? We don’t see how. Explain it to us. History is painted in blood.” With contempt, it was explained that people still find talking about the assassination of JFK to be touchy. This caused me to think, “Would they think the same thing if it were a song about Canada’s bloody history or the UK’s or any other part of the world?” My question would shortly be answered.

Joe and Denise entered a shadow song from Duality about one of the bloodiest period of Scottish history. Joe wrote the lyrics. He approached it much from the same angle as the Castro song. The response? What do you think? IT WAS A HOOT! A HOOT!! ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!? So let me make sure I understand this correctly? It is okay to present a very dark part of Scottish history with levity but not American history? It is okay to laugh at other people’s history but if you someone does it about American history, it is “edgy”? Really? Give your head a shake!

And yet you still wonder why the world hates America? When it was first mentioned to build a wall between Canada and the US, my thought was, “Give me a break.” Now I think, “PLEASE DO!” Please  continue to alienate the rest of the world. I’m so sick and tired of this double standard! If you want people to be respectful of your dark periods, try being respectful of others. Oh wait… our dark history is A HOOT! Yours is to be revered and grieved forever, never to be talked about or never to get over. Your history is to be repeated over and over again because you refuse to talk about it and move on!

Get your heads out of your bloody arses, open your eyes and see there is a HUGE world outside of the United States!