In Which I Survive My First ER Trip of 2011

March 30th, 2011 by Jules Leave a reply »

I wish I could say today began like any other day. But it didn’t. I woke up this morning with what felt like a sinus infection. Within an hour of waking up, my breathing was very laboured and I was unable to catch my breath. Then, within the next hour or so,  I found I had blood in my urine. In less than a 4 hour period, I went from being more normal level of sick to not having enough air to talk and wanting to die because the pain of breathing was so unbearable.

Initiate emergency plan to get my behind to the hospital. Thank goodness I have an amazing landlady to take care of the kids and take me to the hospital in such instances. Unfortunately, today our timing was off and I had to wait a couple hours longer than normal. But what is a couple more hours, right? Well when you have lupus to the severity that I do, a couple hours means that much more time for the infection to spread through my body like wildfire.

I’m going to try and make the rest of this long story short. I arrived at the ER. My blood pressure was much higher than normal. My oxygen levels were starting to take a nose dive. My heart rate was elevated. Taking a deep breath was impossible. Even so they marked me as urgent, I was still coherent so they had to treat the more urgent patients first.

Finally, it was my turn to see the doctor. And that is when the first event took place which makes me hate ERs. ER doctors are great trauma doctors and overall doctors. They kinda suck when it comes to treating patients with diseases like mine.

After she listened to my chest, lungs, felt my glands and tapped my sinuses, she asked, “Why did you wait so long to see a doctor?” I looked at her with a look which probably was not too nice and said, “I only got sick today. I had to wait for transportation and someone to watch my kids. I’m a single mum with no vehicle.” She looked at me as if I slapped her (or maybe she just felt bad) and replied, “Fair enough.” I wanted to call her something not entirely nice. But then I realised she probably doesn’t fully understand that I can be fine (for me) one day and wake up on deaths door with respiratory distress the next day.

And that is when they hooked me up to the oxygen and gave me a nebuliser filled with steroids in an attempt to get my breathing back under control. Once I was done with that, they doses me up with a high dose of antibiotics. Then I had to wait for another hour after treatment for them to recheck my vitals and make sure it was safe to send me home.

That hour was the worst hour ever, because that dude was there. You know that dude. He’s the dude who’s in the ER for something stupid he did and asks every one, “So… what are you in here for?” I hate that dude. That dude was also complaining about how long he had to wait. He wasn’t dying or sick. He was just stupid and either broke or sprained his ankle.

Finally, after giving me a prescription for 10 days of high dose antibiotics and a steroid inhaler to keep my lungs open, they sent me home. Final diagnosis: sinus, throat, lung and kidney infection.

Today’s events were the toughest on kid2. He was terrified that I would not come home. He asked me those tough questions, such as, “Are you having another stroke? Are you going to be all right? Are you sure you’re going to get better?” When I returned home, he was in bed, wide awake, waiting for me. He asked in a very quiet and scared voice if he could stay at home tomorrow to make sure I’m okay. He’s afraid that he’ll go to school tomorrow and come back home with me in the hospital. I can deal with all that lupus does to me. What it does to my children causes my heart to break. He will not be “okay” with this until I’m back to my normal sick self instead of my can’t breathe sick self.

And that is just another small snapshot into the life of someone with lupus. You can be your normal sick one day and then within hours and without warning, needing to be hooked up to oxygen because an infection spread throughout your entire body within hours, putting you into respiratory distress.

And before any one says anything, yes I am taking some time off. I don’t think I have much of a choice. Even if I wanted to work, a certain someone would kick my behind. I’m under orders from a certain man in my life. Geeky Pleasures will not be updated tomorrow except for Stephanie’s weekly review. I may update Geeky Pleasures on Friday. It all depends on how I’m feeling. I will not be doing any work for the station until at least Monday. This means, my Friday night shows will be cancelled. Well, there is a small chance that someone will broadcast for a bit in my place for reasons they can explain if they do.

And if you see me make stupid jokes over the next few days, it is just my way of trying to cope with yet another health crisis.