So Full of Rage and Junk

March 21st, 2011 by Jules Leave a reply »

I am so angry! RAGING!

When does enough actually become enough? If you’ve been following my happening on either Facebook or Twitter, you know that despite the really awesometastic stuff that has been going on, there has been a lot of cow dung as well.

A couple weeks ago, Geeky Pleasures and the Lupus Awareness Virtual Art Gallery were hacked, without mercy, for close to 72 hours straight. I almost had to pull them completely offline and start from scratch. Just when I think I can breathe, on Saturday I found out, while I was on-air no less, that my Facebook account was hacked. The person who hacked my Facebook, created a ymail account in my name, accessed my friend’s list and proceeded to email every one who had their emails listed publicly that I was in Londan, England, had been robbed and to please send money fast. The hacker also changed all of my privacy settings and sent a bunch of chat messages to people (as me) asking them to email me at said ymail address.

Some of my friends are smart and decided to email me both on and off Facebook to let me know what happened. I did all the necessary steps to resecure my account (because unlike some of my other friends, I am not an imbecile) and updated my status twice to let people know my account had been compromised and to ignore any emails or chats from that have anything to do with ymail (which I don’t even have a ymail account) or being stranded in London.

I thought it was done and dealt with. WRONG! Because one of my supposed friends decided to report me to Facebook and have my account locked. I found this out after receiving the following email:

Hi Julia,
We have locked your account for security purposes. Our systems indicate that your Facebook account may have been compromised by cyber criminals attempting to impersonate you. These criminals often will try to trick your friends into sending them money by claiming that you are stuck in a far away location and need assistance. It is likely that your email account has been compromised as well. As such, we have sent this email to all email addresses recently associated with your account. Obtaining access to a victim’s email is one of the primary ways these cyber criminals have been operating. Please take the following steps to regain control of your account:

* Reset your email passwords: Select new and unique passwords for all of your email addresses. Do not use the same password for different online accounts as this allows hackers to easily gain access to your other accounts, such as Facebook, once one account has been compromised.
* Disable email forwarding (if enabled): Check the Preferences/Settings of your email account to make sure the scammer did not add any unauthorised forwarding rules to your email. This is becoming a common practice for scammers to use, so it is important that you complete this extra step. If you need further assistance with this, please contact your email provider.
* After you have performed the above actions, click on the link (labeled ‘Proceed to account recovery’) at the bottom of this email to recover your account. You will be prompted to prove your identity in order to regain access.

It is very important that you complete the above steps in order to protect yourself and your friends. Please pay close attention to suspicious activity on your email account. Another individual may be reading and responding to your messages.

Hello idiots at Facebook: I did that TWO DAYS AGO when my account was compromised.

This cow dung just actually caused me to break Lent, AGAIN, because I swore at my computer when Facebook told me this, YET AGAIN:

Thank you for completing the necessary steps to protect the security of your account.

We are very sorry for the inconvenience, but at this time our security systems are unable to complete the verification of your account.

In order to continue with the account recovery process, please contact our User Operations team.

I already filled out that bloody form after you sent me the first email and making all the necessary changes AGAIN. How many freaking forms do I have to fill out??!! How many times do I have to change emails and passwords before you let me back in!?

One of the things that really pisses me off about this the most is that one of my so-called friends would have had to report me to Facebook. It boggles my mind that the people I know in real life I feel as if I can’t trust and the so-called strangers on Twitter have to be some of the best people and supports that I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. I’m almost tempted to delete all of the real life people because you think a friend would take the time to see if you were aware of the situation or not, instead of reporting your account to Facebook.

I’m livid. Absolutely livid. I still have hours of work to do and now I will not be able to finish it tonight as it involves posting things to the station’s Facebook page. I have no idea when they will let me back into my account.

I wonder how many of my “friends” will quietly remove themselves from my list after reading this (if they take the time to) and after I update my status to call out the imbecile who caused me to be locked out.

Sometimes I wish people had to take a competency test in order to be allowed to use the internet.

To my many friends and supporters on Twitter: You guys are awesome! Thanks for being there while I rant and rage, offering me support and laughs.

To my friends on Facebook who’ve actually been there through all this (whenever I’m allowed back on to post this): You guys are also awesome.

To the rest: Prepared to be broomed. I have enough to deal with without my private place turning into a place I am loathe to log into.

Yes, Jules is very surly at the moment. But really, enough is enough. The line must be drawn. HERE!  This far, NO FURTHER!

*Huge Sigh*



  1. Jim says:

    Are you still locked out? This happed to me just today.