Harry Potter and Lupus

June 23rd, 2011 by Jules Leave a reply »

Another too long for Twitter thought. I have loads of these. I think they are too short for blogs. They cause me to think for a terrible split second that I should create a Tumblr account but… yeah… no.

Anyway, here are some silly and dorkish Lupus induced thoughts. Please forgive them, I’m ill and very frustrated with my illness at the moment, as I feel life is passing me by as I have to pass up another encounter with loved ones.

Lupus can go suck big, blue, hairy, sweaty, monkey balls.

Lupus is the Dementor, lurking in the shadows, slowly sucking the life, joy and happiness out of your soul, replacing it with despair and depression, leaving you with barely enough inner strength to summon your Patronus. Thankfully, I have my own set of witches and wizards in my life, ready to summon their Patronuses for me; shielding me from my inner demons which have become external; giving me enough protection to regain my strength; allowing me to fight them off, before they lay their final kiss of death upon my lips.

Told you it was silly and dorkish. I should have added stupid as well, but I need these silly and stupid and magical and hopeful childish thoughts to keep me from falling apart.

Oh yeah… tomorrow is the 5 year anniversary of my stroke. That may be adding to my mood.

Happy Anniversary?


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