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Roger Ebert Tweets Out Of His Ass

March 2nd, 2010

There seems to be a lot of things in this world that get me fired up. When I try and put one word that seems to link all of these seemingly different issues that cause me to rant quicker than c, that word would be ignorance. Being a nerd/geek/gamer, I face a lot of it. The entire community does and it really chaps my behind to put it nicely. I’m happy to report that my children do not seem to face the same sort of discrimination as my generation does and even worse, the generations before mine. However it still exists and it really needs to end, especially when this ignorance and discrimination comes from main stream media sources. If what is said was being said about Blacks, Jews, women, gays, Hispanics, Asians, Muslims (insert any other group that has a tendency to be largely discriminated against), the outcry would be deafening. So why are people like Roger Ebert allowed to continuously perpetuate a very negative stereotype regarding this topic. Case in point, his latest tweet:

You know what, I will be the first to admit that as a group of people, we can be an odd bunch. We like to argue the minutia of pretty much any subject that is the object of our obsessions and compulsions. We like to dress up in funny costumes and attend conventions where we unleash our geekiosity upon an unwitting city. We are a very passionate bunch of people and we will allow our passions to be spilled upon any poor unsuspecting person if given the opportunity. We may not always be the most socially graceful people but we have heart and we care deeply. We are willing to stand behind our beliefs despite rampant criticism from our peers.

But I want you to think about that for one minute. How are we any different from the “jocks” who attend their favourite sporting event dressed in team colours and faces painted, screaming and hollering from the stands? How are we any different than that same group of people spending hours debating over the merits of The White Sox vs. The Yankees? How are we any different than any group of people who attend any event in support of whatever it is that gives them that boost of adrenaline.

Ebert made mention of messy pigs. Have you looked into a frat house or looked in the home of the bachelor jock with their beer cans, pizza and take-out boxes, piles of clothes and miscellaneous debris all over the place? The geeks/nerds I know are way more obsessed with order and cleanliness that any other group of people I know. Maybe their gaming areas are not always the tidiest and I know that my desk always looks like it has exploded but I do not know of too many creative types where their creative space is not a complete hazard.

Apparently we smell too. That is a stereotype that really bothers me because again the group that seems to hate us the most (the jocks) have the exact same issue. Especially when it is down to play-off time and they wear their same lucky jersey for weeks on end without washing because it will ruin the luck. And let us not forget about the gross and disgusting play-off beard-o-luck. I have met some pretty stinky gamers in my time. There is no denying that but I will deny that the image of the lone gamer in his/her mother’s basement is far from the norm. It is a very unfortunate negative stereotype.

And now for screaming at the PC. Are you trying to tell me that is not a common occurrence? Because let me tell you something, it is no different than the testosterone-filled group massed together in the living room or bar, hooting and hollering over every single little thing that happens during their all-worshipful game. Are you trying to tell me that because it is being done in a pack it is more acceptable or are you telling me that because it is coming from the “cool kids” you are willing to overlook this same behavior?

Now let me tell you something about geeks/nerds/gamers. There seems to be a lot of press about violence and us. And the odd occasion that it does happen, it is shameful. But our instances of violence are not nearly as prevalent as one would like to believe. I will admit, we can be huge assholes to each other online. We have been known to troll the internet just waiting for the opportunity to allow our words on the screen to cause someone else to cry. We have been known to rage quit and some are even known to get a sick perverted sense of satisfaction when they know they are the cause of this rage quit.  But I do not think I have ever heard of a group of us destroying a city when our team has lost. I do not think I have ever heard of us ever getting into physical fights with someone in a bar or in our homes while we are drunk and someone says some stupid shit about our team. As a general rule, we are a very non-violent group of people who just like to anonymously run their mouths from time to time. It bothers me that you never hear about the dude who beat up his wife or the kid who went on a shooting rampage after watching a movie, reading a book, looking at a picture, attended or watched a sporting event (many more examples can be put here) but music and gaming seem to be two of life’s awesome things that like to get singled out because of agenda and not because it is the real cause.

I have nothing against jocks. The only reason I am using them here is because that is the group that is stereotypically pitted against the nerds. And this is one stereotype that does have a good basis of fact behind it unlike the stereotypes that people like Roger Ebert like to fart out of their asses and post on Twitter. When the reality is, if it were not for us geeks/nerds/gamers Roger Ebert wouldn’t be able to fart anything onto Twitter again because guess what, we invented the thing! All of these awesome technological things that people use without a second thought (computers, cell phones, social networking, blogs, intertubes, games, technology to create movies which Ebert makes his life from, engines, microchips, television, bridges, buildings, space shuttles, telescopes, sound mixers, etc., etc., etc.,), none of it would be available if it were not for us. Pretty much every job and every single person’s sources of entertainment would not exist if it were not for some geek spending hours dreaming of how to make something work. I think maybe the only exception to this would be painting as it does not require some type of mechanical device to do.

So Mr. Ebert maybe you want to think about that next time you decide to spew ignorance on the internet. We made it possible for you to still have a voice. You should be thanking us for all that we have given you because without us, you would have no way to hand out your venom.

As The Curtain Draws To A Close

December 18th, 2009

I have said before sometimes thank you is not enough. But I am going to try my best to express the flood of thoughts that is going through me at the moment as I prepare for my final Geeky Pleasures radio show tonight.

I was going to do on air thank you however I have been prone to spontaneous eye leakage all day today and I am afraid it will happen tonight while people not only listen, but worse, they watch.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me for the past year and half while I did my thing at Party 934 | 102.5 FM Hudson Valley NY.

Thank you to everyone who not only allowed me to entertain myself but allowed me to entertain you in the process.

Thank you to everyone who has embraced (as one listener put it) my unique brand of geekiness.

Thank you to everyone who laughed at me while I laughed at myself.

Thank you to everyone who supported and allowed me to feel normal at least one day of the week, as normal as a geek/nerd can feel. This is a big one. My radio shows allowed me to have a few hours a week where I could pretend I was doing something productive and meaningful, and I was not living with Lupus (except for the one time I almost fainted during my show). From the bottom of my heart, you will have no idea how much this means to me.

Thank you to all the people behind the scenes who have laughed with me and cried with me while I went through the roller coaster that is my life. Thank you especially to those who just listened. Those that didn’t try to fix it. Those that didn’t try to compare battle wounds. But those who really just listened and allowed me to feel what I was feeling and let it pass when I was ready to let it pass and not when they wanted it to pass. If it were not for your support, I don’t think I would have been able to maintain my normal level of insanity. It would have spiraled into something not as fun.

I hope that sometime (sooner rather than later) I can find a way to make Geeky Pleasures live again in some audio format where we can all come together and geek out in real time with the world. Being able to geek out with people from all over the world in one place and allow the world to listen in is a truly unique and special thing. You are what made it happen. Without your input, without your contributions, without your own unique brand of geekiness it just would not have been as awesome as it was.

Thank you.

So Long, Farwell

December 17th, 2009

Apparently I need to blog about this again as some people seem to have missed the memo. And you know, I think that angers me just a little bit.  Consider this my two week notice to the internet.

Two month ago and without warning due to a lack of funding, I lost a contract that made it possible for me to be online, made this blog possible, made my Geeky Pleasures website possible and made my Geeky Pleasures radio show possible. I am an independent contractor and every single dollar I earn is the difference between keeping a roof over my family’s head and food on the table, and being homeless. The contract was not a huge amount by most people’s standards but it is a devastating amount to my family and me. It is what paid for me to do everything else that you see me do. Because even at the radio station, I am an independent contractor and I did that as a labour of love and not because it made me money. The joys of helping start up a new business venture is that you do not always get paid for the work you do even if it is a legit media outlet.

I would have been offline two month ago if I had not borrowed money (which I still feel sick over as I have never been in debt until now) 1 small design project and a donation that helped pay my bills for this month. And let me tell you, I have hated every moment I have put into all of this ever since. I use to do all of this only for my own amusement. Then people told me that I can’t go offline and they love what I do and it can’t go away etc., etc., etc. Well harm fuzzies does not feed my kids, pay my bills, put a roof over our heads or presents under the Christmas tree. My children do not get to have that part of Christmas this year. If it were not for living in wonderful socialist Canada and the help of a couple of friends and food banks, I would have no food in my cupboards at the moment. If it were not for the fact that I qualify for disability and Canada at least has some decent socialist safety nets, I would be homeless come January 1. I think it would be fair to say that I am resentful at the moment. Not so much at the support and kind words, but at the fact as a result I have become an unpaid, debt laden, dancing monkey.

I even gave people options as to how they could help out if they felt so inclined, if they indeed did really care, and I got nothing but more warm fuzzy words that at the end of the day don’t fix the situation even if they are appreciated.

This past weekend I was able to escape for a few days thanks to a really close friend who decided I needed a change of scenery and I needed to be surrounded by people who really care. He kidnapped me for the weekend and thanks to a visit with another friend, I was able to gain a better perspective on the situation. I told her of something I was doing for someone and she asked, “Are they paying you?” “No”, I replied. Then we got to talking about how people expect me to do all this stuff for them for absolutely nothing. And since we do not live in Gene Roddenberry’s future, I am the one that is getting seriously buggered as a result. Honestly, would you do what I am doing for nothing? Somehow I really doubt it yet you all expect me to do it for nothing and then when I say it is going away, you feel you are entitled to get upset over it. Well you aren’t willing to pay for it so I am no longer willing to provide a service for nothing.

My Geeky Pleasures website hosting is paid up for a couple more month. There is a possibility that I can use my landlord’s internet connection to at least maintain that from time to time. But as for the rest of it, it just is not going to happen as I will have no phone, internet or cable come Jan 1. I am not going to put 40+ hours of my week into what I do with no return except for warm fuzzy feelings from the masses and have my family continue to go without as a result. Maybe sometime in the future the rest of it will be revived but until someone is willing to pay for it to happen, my answer will continue to be “it ends here.” I refuse to be a dancing monkey any longer and have people take advantage of the services I provide.

Happy holidays and have a good 2010.

Woman's Worth

July 22nd, 2009
Yet again So You Think You Can Dance has left me at a complete loss for real words and brought me to tears. Tyce Diorio is brilliant. This number will go down as one of my favourites. Even Nigel cried. This piece is applicable to anyone who has been affected directly (either them self, friend or a family member) by a potentially fatal illness.

Mia sums it best when she says those with cancer worry more about those around them being okay than them self. It touched me deeply as this is on the heels on my own writing of what it is like to live with lupus and how it hurts us to watch those around us suffer as they have to sit by helpless as we fight the illness.

Thank you Tyce, from the bottom of my heart. You are beautiful.

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Waiting For The Night

July 19th, 2009
As I said earlier, inspiration FINALLY! I thought it would take me a lot longer to finish this editing project. In reality, it took no time at all. The longest part was scanning the movie for the images that floated through my head when I heard Depeche Mode’s Waiting For The Night.

I set the music to Labyrinth. Or maybe I set Labyrinth to the music. Labyrinth is in my top 5 favourite movies of all time. When I was younger, I use to dream quite often that the Goblin King would come and take me away. In my dreams though, it did not end like it did in the movie. I am actually very happy with the way this video turned out. When my youngest watched it, about half way through he said, “Leave the pretty lady alone STALKER!”


(P.S. Sorry for the multiple posts of the same blog today. Getting this video hosted was more trouble than I thought it would be.)

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Inspired FINALLY!

July 18th, 2009
I have been lacking inspiration lately to create. It has been something that has been preoccupying my thoughts to no end. There was a time in my life where everything inspired me to create something. Whether it was written, on canvas, some silly little video, a piece of choreography, something to sew, something to craft, I always found the time and had inspiration to do these things. When I feel creative I feel productive. I have feeling as if my creative well had run dry. It has been very depressing as it is so much a part of who I feel I am. It is also a great reliever of stress and very important for my me time. Tonight my inspirational dry zone finally saw some much needed rain. The thirst to feel creative, never mind to create, has been quenched. I owe part of this down pour of creative thought in part to @CaptainTapole.

It all started off with the following banter back on twitter.
CT: My iPod is loving Depeche Mode and Rod Stewart this evening. I know, odd mixture.

Me: *sings* Put it on and don’t say a word. Put it on cause you think I’m sexy and you want my body come on sugar let me know.
CT: I knew it! You are seducing me so I can forfeit the Dance-Off. I’m onto you now, Missy.

(for more info on the Dance-Off, read this PAX2009 Juicy Goodness)

Me: *looking innocent” who? moi? *hides the horns holding up her halo* I would never do such a thing! *pinky to mouth*
CT: Yeeeeaaaahhhh. Uh-huh. I can see that red tail…
Me: That’s not a tail. That’s my whip.
CT: Ooo Honey. You know what I like.
Me: tee hee. Reach out and touch faith and by faith I mean that is my dom name for the night.

CT: *Points* I…yeah, no. So much to say there that will only end up having a love night with you.
It was sometime during that conversation that I decided to listen to Depeche Mode. More specifically, the album Violator. That is my most favourite Depeche Mode album. And then the song “Waiting For The Night” came on and suddenly I was hit with huge inspiration and images flying through my brain to create another one of these (for best effect watch in full screen mode. P.S. contains scenes of violence, nudity and sexual situation that may be objectional to some viewers):

It is not much but I am very proud of it. It is the first video of this sort that I created and I so loved doing it. It is the first thing I created where I did not repeatedly beat myself up over for little small mistakes that only I would notice. That I can myself watch over and over again without thinking “Oh dear why on earth did I ever think this was a good idea.” I have been wanting to make another one for a long time but have been lacking inpiration on all creative fronts.

Thank you @CaptainTapole and Depeche Mode for bringing on the rain. Here come nights of watching the same movie over and over again, writing down time indexes and editing. I feel restored!

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If It Kills Me…

July 15th, 2009
As I have said many times before, I LOVE dance. Dance saved my life in so many different ways, some of which I have already shared on my blog. My love of dance helped me find the strength and the will to get out a wheelchair three years ago, all because I had an audition that I needed to get to. Dance is this amazing thing that melds story telling with music and movement. We all move. We all have our own unique musical beats. We all tell stories. When you melt those three things together, magic happens. Dance can break down walls which we create within ourselves and within our global communities. I cannot think of a single culture that is without dance. Before words were spoken to tell stories, we had dance to tell stories. Dance to this day remains an important part in many cultures to tell their stories.

I have also said many times, I LOVE So You Think You Can Dance. It is so being freaking amazing that we now have a show that displays this beautiful art form that does not get enough recognition and is so under appreciated. There is not a single episode that does not move me to great emotional states: from extreme joy to great despair. Tonight was no different.

One of my most favourite dancers ever finally had his chance to choreograph for the show, Travis Wall. He was the runner up on Season 2 of So You Think You Can Dance. I believe this number will be my favourite number of all time. It spoke to more than any number ever has. It is a struggle I have gone through myself. It is eloquent. It is raw. It is gentle. It is real. It is perfect. I will let the rest speak for itself.

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Wil, Phil and Shane Available For Download

July 13th, 2009
I do have to say my last four days have been pretty awesome. I got to geek out with Shane Nickerson. I got to geek out for hours with a friend. I got to geek out all day with my youngest over the Star Wars Lego game for Nintendo GameCube and listen to hours of sheer excitement when he finally unlocked the secret level, and then Star Wars in general. Being able to geek out with your own children is the coolest thing one could ever do. Way cooler than geeking out with a peer as far as I am concerned.

Then imagine my even greater joy when some of my favourite more well known geeks started to geek out about the exact same things I have been geeking out about for days! I just love when that happens. It is a nice reminder of how extremely cool the geek community is. There are many things that define what it means to be a geek. However, in my experiences (despite our own flavours of geekiness) I can always find at least one common thing with all geeks. There is this stupid, warm, giddy excitement we feel when we grok each other.

I have had the pleasure of interviewing three of my favourite more well known geeks, Wil Wheaton, Dr. Phil Plait and Shane Nickerson. I have respect for these people that reach far beyond the fact they are geeks and are well known for each doing their own thing. I do hope my list of favourite geeks I have interviewed becomes more. If it doesn’t it will not matter as I have had this awesome opportunity that I never in a millions years thought would ever happen. I have uploaded these interviews here to my blog but have not made them available for download (save one) and really, that is a shame.

So I am going to fix that problem to allow people to geek them as often as they want and find them easily without having to search my blog. I am also going to include a new sidebar that will allow for easier finding of these interviews and the stories that may accompany them. I really do not know why I did not do this earlier. But the events of the last four days have made me think if I enjoy these similarities so much, then maybe others will to. And if others will to, then maybe I should make it easier for people to find them, enjoy them and share them with others.


(Note: Each interview does contain some language. So please bear that in mind before listening.)

To download my Wil Wheaton interview, right click, save as (or whatever the equivalent is for the browser you are using).

To download my Dr. Phil Plait interview, right click, save as (or whatever the equivalent is for the browser you are using).

To download my Shane Nickerson interview, right click, save as (or whatever the equivalent is for the browser you are using).

Please enjoy, share freely, geek and be merry.

p.s. I had to put back together the Wil Wheaton interview as it was cut into 5 parts. I did not listen prior to uploading as I wanted this available as soon as possible. Hopefully I didn’t duplicate anything or miss something. If you notice a problem with it, please let me know. As well, the interview does end rather abruptly. That is not an issue. Since the interview was not live and was pre-recorded, after the final segment I went on to talk about how things were wrapped up and did not include our good-byes in the interview.

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Shane Nickerson Interview

July 12th, 2009

These Are The Moments to Remember

July 5th, 2009
Earlier this evening I had a wonderful dialogue with my oldest and I had thought I would blog about it as in my mind it fell under the category of moments to remember. The conversation was only a few sentences but was quite profound. It was yet another one of those moments where I stopped the million thoughts going on inside of my brain and took the time to take a mental snapshot. One of those moments that I would cherish forever. One of those moments where I knew that no matter what choices he may make, he is going to survive the “joys” of puberty in one piece. This conversation took place as we were getting ready to watch Stand By Me.

I sit down with my boys an a regular basis and we watch the movie as a unit. Stand By Me has always been in my top 5 favourite movies of all time. I fell in love with it when I saw it for the first time when I was 10 in 1986. As I “grew up”, it continued to be one of those movies that I knew I would always love. The older I became, the more I appreciated the movie. When I was a teenager I said to myself, “Self when you have children you must share this movie with your own children and share it often.” And that is what I do. At least twice a year, since my boys were small it has been part of our family movie collection. It has always been one of their favourite movies and it is wonderful to watch the new things that they appreciate in the movie as they “grow up” themselves. Tonight was one of those nights where I wanted to share these experiences with my boys. So I ordered Stand By Me on Video On Demand. The conversations that occured during this viewing (now that my boys are 10 and almost 14) were amazing.

I was quite surprised that my youngest didn’t remember a good bulk of the movie since we do watch it so often. Most of it was as if he was watching it for the first time. He remembered the barforama and he remembered bits and pieces of the leech scene (only because of my conversation with Wil Wheaton on that part of the movie) but other than that, it was a very fresh experience for him. When I had first informed him that we were going to watch Stand By Me once his brother got home his reaction was, “Yes! Its a Stephen King movie and I love Stephen King!” (he wants to be the next Stephen King). I told him, “You realize it is not a horror movie don’t you?” He of course realized it but it didn’t matter as it was Stephen King. He now has an appreciation for the movie that is not Stephen King related.

My oldest being at “that” age pretended that he was neutral about the situation. Man, do I ever remember that age! The age of fake apathy when in truth your insides are bubbling over with emotion but you pretend to be too cool for school. He had phoned home earlier that evening to see if he could stay out past curfew. I had told him no because I had planned a family evening once he got home. I told him that we were going to watch Stand By Me and asked how he felt about the plans. You could hear the shrugging of shoulders through the phone as the ever popular words “meh” and “whatever” came out of his mouth. When it came time to sit down and watch the movie however, the pod people released my child even if it was only for an hour and a half and his true feelings were allowed to surface.

Here are some of my favourite moments that took place as we watched the movie each with our own “growing up” eyes:

Anytime a song came up both the boys would start singing it very loudly. “Lollipop” being the loudest and with the most enthusiasm. My youngest could not believe that those songs were 50 years old and that they are still popular. At least to him they are to the point where he has them on his mp3 player. My oldest made the comment that the music from “back then” was great. Both of them made comments about how that music will always be good music. My oldest further elaborated, “Back then music was actually music. Now there is too much crap put out and most of it does not have substance anymore.” I found myself thinking as they are doing their banter on music, “wow I cannot believe I am having this conversation with my boys while they are only 10 and 14.” It brings me more joy than I could ever explain that they share my love of music. We can sit down and talk about music appreciation and the merits of music within its specific genre. I sometimes question my youngest’s musical tastes. My oldest and I are very similiar when it comes to what we personally look for in music. We prefer music with substance, music that we can relate to on some emotional and mental level regardless of genre or era. My youngest takes after his dad and his favourite artists are AC/DC, KISS, etc. *moans*.

My youngest enjoyed the Teddy Duchamp character the most. He found it so cool when he was trying to dodge the train and just how lippy he is. My oldest relates more to the Chris Chambers character. That of the misunderstood, sensitive soul. Despite the differences between what character speaks to them the most at their current stage in life, they both related to the scene where the junkyard guy was bashing Teddy’s dad. My oldest said, “If anyone spoke to me that way about my parents, I would punch them in the face right through the fence!” My youngest said, “Nobody would be able to drag me away if someone talked to me like that!” To which my oldest added, “Trust me, if you had three friends that really cared for you, they would drag you away even if it took all of their strength. Because even if you are justified in punching the ass in the face, in the end they are protecting you.”

My oldest found it amusing that kids today still do the “two for flinching”. He said he is lucky that his friends don’t do it to him otherwise he would be getting punched more often than Vern. My youngest said, “Wow they are good at insulting each other. I need to remember those for when my friends and I insult each other.”

One of the funniest comments came from my youngest when the four characters were sitting around the fire. He looks at me and says, “And to think, when Wil Wheaton was that age he had no idea that he would one day get to talk to you when he grew up.” As if speaking to me was something that Wil Wheaton dreamed about since he was a little boy. I laughed hard on the inside, chuckled on the outside and said, “Honey, Wil Wheaton had no idea who I was at that age unlike me knowing who he was.” What makes this story even more amusing is that my sister and I were talking about my interview with Wil the other week. She laughed hard when I brought up the fan club picture of Wil during the interview and how she remembers me believing that it was actually Wil that wrote me a personal letter on the back of that picture. She then went on to say, “Despite what we may or may not have believed back then when you received that picture, if someone had told you when you were 11 that you would one day speak to Wil Wheaton, you would never have believed that. And it happened. That is cool! Even so you reasons for wanting to talk to him have changed, the fact that you have always wanted to talk to him since you were 10 has not.” So for my son to see it in reverse is highly amusing to me. He sees me a lot differently than I see myself.

It was fun to see the differences of how my children recognized other actors from the movie. When Kiefer made his first appearance, my oldest asked, “What other
things has he been in mom?” I replied, “You probably know him from 24.” He in turn, “Does he play Jack?” I nodded. Then my youngest pipes up with great enthusiasm as if he just came to the greatest realization in life, “Wasn’t he in The Lost Boys?!?! He played that really cool and mean vampire didn’t he mom?!” I smiled at the difference in associations and nodded.

Watching the leech scene was uber awesome! The look on my youngest’s face as Gordie is pulling the leech out of his underwear was priceless! My oldest said that there is not enough money in the world to pay him to put a real leech in his underwear and that Wil was indeed brave for doing it.

In the ending scene as adult Gordie was writing his book my oldest pipes up, “Can people really make money doing that?” Even so I thought I knew what “that” meant I asked, “What do you mean?” He confirmed my thoughts by replying, “Writing stories about your life and childhood.” I smiled and said, “Yes they can. In fact that is one of the ways that Wil makes money today.” If only you could have seen his face. This look of really understanding how art has imitated life in this movie. However, the only words he had on the subject was (and this is one of his most common phrases to come out of him), “That’s… that’s interesting.”

Now there were many other moments that I could share that were beyond awesome as I shared this movie yet again with my boys. To date, this has been the best sharing experience of this movie with my boys. However, I would be writing for days and just want to share one final thing on tonight’s experience. This final moment was the biggest WOW this is an amazing experience and I am overjoyed that I was a part of it. That my oldest allowed me to be a part of it. So much so I said after we were done, “I know you don’t think its cool when I talk about you but I really need to share this.” He looked at me as if I had two heads, shrugged his shoulders with a thunderous crack which told me the pod people had returned and said “whatever”.

At the end of the movie the adult Gordie narrates, “I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was twelve. Jesus, does anyone?” To which my oldest says, “Even so I am just starting my teen years, I know that the friends I have now will be the most important friends that I will ever have.” However, even before this..

The adult Gordie says something along the lines of, “We’d only been gone two days, but somehow the town seemed smaller. Different.” To which my oldest says, “That is because you can do a lot of growing up in just two days.” My youngest replied, “Really?” And my oldest answered, “Yes. When you get older you will realize just how much life can change forever in just two days.”

From the mouthes of babes. THESE are the moment to remember.

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