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Crazy Idea For World Lupus Day May 10

April 18th, 2010

So I am busy thinking of crazy ideas once again. This one is kinda immediate and urgent as May 10 is not that far away.

I want to do something big-ish in honour of World Lupus Day on May 10. Something where any one can collaborate on through the wonders of the internet. What exactly that consists of, what that thing is, I am still not sure. I do know that I want to to spread far and wide, beyond the reaches of TMA and my Geeky Pleasures connections. I want to collect a lot of different “things” in honour of this day and then host them all in one easy spot for people to find (with links pointing people to YouTube vids or blogs etc created for this).

Some ideas already tossed out at me are:

  1. Art Projects
  2. Music
  3. Stories
  4. Poetry
  5. Videos

My friend Ryan suggested to me ” You could go “we are the world” style, pick a song you think represents the cause, have people redo it, and edit it together” but what I was actually thinking was going on better if anyone was up to it. The symbol of Lupus is the butterfly. I was thinking maybe some of you would like to write for me your very own butterfly songs. It would be even cooler (and I can’t believe I am thinking this as I have not sung in public in so very long) if there was a song done that I could sing myself and I would create a video for it. GAH! I seriously cannot believe I am thinking that but it would be kinda cool I think.

I was also thinking I would create a FB event and for once spam the crap out of people to join in and have them spam the crap out of it for others to join it and that way it gives opportunities for many people to contribute in some fashion.

Any other suggestions, help, ideas would be greatly appreciated. Or maybe someone should tell me I am being an idiot for even suggesting a thing.

If you do not want to leave suggestions in the comments below, then email me here.

Water And Music

April 15th, 2010

Disclaimer: This blog post is going to make sense to very few people, if anyone at all. This is Jules’ attempt to rationalize the primal.

When I have moments where stimuli get really overwhelming, there are two things that I can get completely lost in and it has the most amazing soothing and calming affect on me. This affect is on a primal level. These two things are water and music. I have written before about my love affair with music. I have also said that when it comes to expressing emotion, dance does this most effectively as it allows me to combine to of my favourite things: movement and sound. But I am not talking about outward expression of emotion here. I am not talking about ways that I find it possible for me to relay to others what I cannot on a rational level. I am speaking about a primal affect water and music have on me. Something that I get completely swept up in as this “something” swells up inside of me, awaking a part of me that few can touch, let alone see. It is almost tantric.

When the outside world gets too much, when the outside vibrations and stimuli vibrate out of control, when I feel the world is spinning faster than it should, when I feel I am a microsecond out of sync with reality, when my brain gets ever so twitchy, I can submerge into water or into music and vibrate on a different level, a primal level, a comforting level, a precognitive / prenatal level. Now even so things are awakened and stirred within me on a subatomic level where as I feel I am vibrating from the inside out and if the vibrations do not cease, I will be split apart and turned into the spaces separating these vibrating subatomic particles within me, I am calm. I am at peace. I am at rest. I am light. I am heavy. I am tingly. I am here and I am elsewhere. This despite the fact that within me I am moving faster than the speed of light and at any moment the forces that bind all of the particles that hold me together will be ripped apart and scattered throughout the cosmos, floating in perfect freedom. Time and space become no more. Freedom.

Sometimes I wonder if this has anything to do with a subconscious awareness of living surrounded by water. I am going to describe how I achieve this chaotic, primal bliss with water. Water from the sound of rain to the sound of a creek or river, the sound of the waves on the ocean, the sound of water as it is poured from a tap or just of water, calm me. Submersion does this most effectively. When the world is twitchy, I run a bath. I fill the tub as full as it will go. And then I will submerge myself in the water so that only my nose is out. The world disappears and all I hear is the sound of my breathing, whooshing of the beat of my heart and the odd muffled noise from the outside world. I often wonder if that is what is sounds like to a baby in utero when they hear the rhythm of their mother’s breathing and heart accompanied by a few muffled noises from the world outside. Whatever it is, it brings me peace as my rational self flys out of my body leaving nothing but the vibration of the primal.

Before I was born, I was surrounded by music. This carried through my entire life. My mom may have been very horrible on many level, but she was a brilliant musician, both artistically and technically. There was not a time in my life where there was not music. I find music freeing. If I am having a bad day, I can put on music and escape. Now for the whole, music offers me specific emotional releases. I can say this song causes me to feel this way because of this. But then there are those reality shattering pieces that cause my body to sing and vibrate on that primal level which can also be accomplished by being completely submerged by water.  As I listen to one of these pieces now (Beethoven’s Symphony No 7) I wonder if it is because the rhythm and waves of the music mimic and simulate that of the rhythm and waves causes by the beating of a heart or the lungs as they expand and collapse as they inhale and exhale, but they just carry me away to this whole other place. I am sure there is some way to test this hypothesis but you know what, these are one of the few cases where I don’t care how it works or why, I just need to know that it does.

Why am I typing all this gibberish and stuff that when I am back and grounded firmly in reality will probably not make any sense to be either? Because of the awesome Denise Hudson and her bringing Nimrod to my attention. Within less than a minute of listening to it, I was ripped away to this other place. This primal place where nothing exists. Freedom. She tweeted to me “the part between 50 seconds and a minute describes a pretty deeply encoded part of my personality I can’t put into words.” to which I responded, “you know what! I think I get it! And very shortly I am about to blog as to what it does for me and then you can tell me if I have some idea of exactly what you are talking about!” And you know what, I probably failed miserably at trying to rationalize and articulate this because I do not think there really is a way. Especially when I am in my current state of vibratic Euphoria.

In Which I Beat Temptation And I Get Another Song! SQUEE!

April 4th, 2010

OMG! I am totally squee’ing at the moment! THIS IS AWESOME!! Holy shit! Seriously DUDES! And if you don’t squee once I am done with this, there is something seriously wrong with you! You will really want to read past the back story to hear the TOTALLY AWESOME AND WIN!

Okay, a bit of a back story. Lent just ended. And I do something every year for Lent. Not because a church tells me too, but for my own spiritual needs. Some of the hardest Lents included the year I gave up chocolate. Another hard Lent was the year I gave up sex. This year I gave up innuendo and double-entendre. I could still talk technically about sex but nothing that could fall under “that what s/he said!” I have to say this was harder than the years I gave up chocolate and sex, combined.

Once Lent was over, I had a huge release as I tweeted the following:

WOOT! It is Easter! Time to celebrate a guy who was nail with wood, rose to the occasions and came 3 days later. May he come again.

Lent was long and hard. It tried to beat me. But like a trooper, I rode it for 1104 hours right till the very end. I came through it like a champ. I would like to thank everyone for making it a group event. Everyone who watched and participated. It would not have been nearly as enjoyable had you not all played your part. Thank you.

Man, that release was soooooooooooo good.

And then shortly after:

OH: He has come close to spilling a few times but there were always warnings. This time it just came without warning.

But here is the really awesome part. There is this really cool lady. Her name is Denise Hudson (@RangerDenni). I got to know her through Song Fu and TMA. She told me she was going to write me a song as a reward for Lent. And it is seriously bloody brilliant! And to make it very fitting, she had the amazing and wonderful Joe ‘Covenant’ Lamb (@JoeCovenant) be a part of it. Joe was my #1 temptation during Lent. And I even co-wrote part of it! She included a limerick that I wrote about Joe one day during a JoeCast! And she included so many “me” things and inside jokes in it. It really is just brilliant and I can’t stop squee’ing! I am including it for your listening pleasure. I can’t stop smiling!

In Which Jules Rejoins Us With Her Bad Self – Denise Hudson ft Joe ‘Covenant’ Lamb and special guest



“In Which Jules Rejoins Us All With Her Bad Self”
Lyrics BY: Denise Hudson / Julia Sherred / Joe “Covenant” Lamb

(featuring Joe “Covenant” Lamb & special guest)

Happy Easter to Julia Sherred
Who handcuffed herself to the bed
of denial and sacrifice
till April third at midnight
counting the sec’s(!) till the END!

Now Jules made a promise to God
or to Great Aunty Maude
or The Spaghetti Monster or to Bob or whoever you like
the point was she would strike
from her mind all the semblance of bawd

Now Jules is the queen of things geeky
But the boys and the girls they are quite cheeky
tempting lively young Jules
to PM with her rules
and I wondered if she’d go get freaky

Innuendo was filling her eyes
She looked desperately to the skies
Praying Polly’d send rain
to cool off her pain
“That’s What She Said’s” were swarming like flies

[interlude consisting of a blended array of samples from the hysterical Count video that made me pee on myself, that Mystic Cat thing, and a certain song from our pre-teen years that Joe overplays at casts that he thinks gets women in their thirties all misted up… and which I play in a motet like fashion on period instruments fashioned from various VSTs]

What could keep poor Jules afloat?
Could a stirring bridge be a lifeboat?
Because just screaming “LENT”
isn’t paying the rent
and so on an unrelated note …

[Enter Joe]

“Now just because Den is the author of this
And the words have come out of her head
There’s a big control freak
In this Queen of the Geek
So here’s words from Dear Ms. Sherred”

{ENTER LYRICS BY JULIA SHERRED, which Joe feels necessary to change and stuff, because he’s annoying}

There once was a guy named Joe
Whom I think everybody should know
He banged on his bodhran
All the while he sang
And Joecast is the name of his show


There once was a guy named Joe
Whom I think everyone should know
He banged on his bodhran
All the while he sang
And Joecast is the name of his show

Jules will go into Joecast
And I think we will all have a blast
As she lays down some smack
That’ll give heart attack
Cuz we’ve all seen how long SHE can last ….

The TMA Podcast was WIN!
You could not be derailed by your friends
Not even passiontide
could pull you aside
As you pushed all the way through the end …

So praise be to the Holies on High
And his hotness Sir Optimus Prime!
As you’ve reached the apex
You can talk about sex
In whichever which way you can find

Since I cannot mail you a taco
down the hall to the headmasters we’ll go
Every slip of the tongue
In our orgy of fun
TMA smacks for chat innuendo

So cheers to a successful lent
We imagine you’re feeling quite spent
May the gal from BC
Give an orgasmic squee!!!!!!!!!
You did it! You did it!

….. #andedric

In Which Joe "Covenant" Lamb Brings Me To Tears And Leaves Me A Quivering Mess

March 13th, 2010

I am a very fortunate person. I have some very amazing people in my life. If were not for these huge pieces of awesome, I would not be able to manage. They offer me help and support. They offer me friendship. They offer me love. They let me know that no matter how alone I may feel from time to time, I never really am. And when I’m ready to reach out to them, they are there for me, waiting, knowing that Jules needs to do things on her own time.

I don’t like mentioning names or making anyone feel as if they are ever second or first or in any hierarchy as each of them have a very special place in my heart. If a single one of them were to not be in my life, my life would be lacking. But sometimes someone will do something and it leaves me, breathless… It knocks me off of my normally stoic stool and sends me whirling in a dizzy of emotions. Overwhelming emotions.

Today has been such a day. Touched does not even begin to describe how I am feeling. I am completely overwhelmed at the moment. Joe told me earlier he had a surprise later when he would be doing his JoeCast. This surprise has me in absolute tears. They are good tears. Tears brought on by someone who has done something pretty fucking amazing and who has paid huge attention to who I am. Tears brought on by an overwhelming sense of feeling loved for me and not some ideal of me.

There is a song that has very special meaning for me. Every time I mention how much I love this song, people say “I love it too.” But this goes beyond love.  This song is Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars. I am not going to say why it is so special to me. If you’ve read my book, you may have an idea why. Anyway, Joe knowing this and understanding why this song is so important me, did the most beautiful, amazingly awesome cover of it. And I am touched. HA, all I can really articulate is that I am touched. Today is going to be one of those days where I will be crying all day because of this wonderful thing he did for me. I am a quivering mess. Wow. I love him and I hate him for it, HA.

Anyway, I need to share this cover with the world because of how much it truly means to me. I am so very lucky to be able to say that the wonderful Joe “Covenant” Lamb is my friend. He has been a huge support for me over the past few months but today he has done something beyond extraordinary that I will never forget. And I just hope he can understand how much he truly (ha, I can’t think of good words at the moment) and honestly has touched me very very deeply today. He managed to reach a part of my heart that few are able to touch, let alone see. I am speechless and at a loss of coherent words and thought. Thank you again, Joe. <3

Joe “Covenant” Lamb – Chasing Cars

Lyrics – Snow Patrol

We’ll do it all
On our own

We don’t need
Or anyone

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me
And just forget the world?

I don’t quite know
How to say
How I feel

Those three words
Are said too much
They’re not enough

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me
And just forget the world?

Forget what we’re told
Before we get too old
Show me a garden
That’s bursting into life

Let’s waste time
Chasing cars
Around our heads

I need your grace
To remind me
To find my own

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me
And just forget the world?

Forget what we’re told
Before we get too old
Show me a garden
That’s bursting into life

All that I am
All that I ever was
Is here in your perfect eyes
They’re all I can see

I don’t know where
Confused about how as well
Just know that these things
Will never change for us at all

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me
And just forget the world?

Waiting For The Night

July 19th, 2009
As I said earlier, inspiration FINALLY! I thought it would take me a lot longer to finish this editing project. In reality, it took no time at all. The longest part was scanning the movie for the images that floated through my head when I heard Depeche Mode’s Waiting For The Night.

I set the music to Labyrinth. Or maybe I set Labyrinth to the music. Labyrinth is in my top 5 favourite movies of all time. When I was younger, I use to dream quite often that the Goblin King would come and take me away. In my dreams though, it did not end like it did in the movie. I am actually very happy with the way this video turned out. When my youngest watched it, about half way through he said, “Leave the pretty lady alone STALKER!”


(P.S. Sorry for the multiple posts of the same blog today. Getting this video hosted was more trouble than I thought it would be.)

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Inspired FINALLY!

July 18th, 2009
I have been lacking inspiration lately to create. It has been something that has been preoccupying my thoughts to no end. There was a time in my life where everything inspired me to create something. Whether it was written, on canvas, some silly little video, a piece of choreography, something to sew, something to craft, I always found the time and had inspiration to do these things. When I feel creative I feel productive. I have feeling as if my creative well had run dry. It has been very depressing as it is so much a part of who I feel I am. It is also a great reliever of stress and very important for my me time. Tonight my inspirational dry zone finally saw some much needed rain. The thirst to feel creative, never mind to create, has been quenched. I owe part of this down pour of creative thought in part to @CaptainTapole.

It all started off with the following banter back on twitter.
CT: My iPod is loving Depeche Mode and Rod Stewart this evening. I know, odd mixture.

Me: *sings* Put it on and don’t say a word. Put it on cause you think I’m sexy and you want my body come on sugar let me know.
CT: I knew it! You are seducing me so I can forfeit the Dance-Off. I’m onto you now, Missy.

(for more info on the Dance-Off, read this PAX2009 Juicy Goodness)

Me: *looking innocent” who? moi? *hides the horns holding up her halo* I would never do such a thing! *pinky to mouth*
CT: Yeeeeaaaahhhh. Uh-huh. I can see that red tail…
Me: That’s not a tail. That’s my whip.
CT: Ooo Honey. You know what I like.
Me: tee hee. Reach out and touch faith and by faith I mean that is my dom name for the night.

CT: *Points* I…yeah, no. So much to say there that will only end up having a love night with you.
It was sometime during that conversation that I decided to listen to Depeche Mode. More specifically, the album Violator. That is my most favourite Depeche Mode album. And then the song “Waiting For The Night” came on and suddenly I was hit with huge inspiration and images flying through my brain to create another one of these (for best effect watch in full screen mode. P.S. contains scenes of violence, nudity and sexual situation that may be objectional to some viewers):

It is not much but I am very proud of it. It is the first video of this sort that I created and I so loved doing it. It is the first thing I created where I did not repeatedly beat myself up over for little small mistakes that only I would notice. That I can myself watch over and over again without thinking “Oh dear why on earth did I ever think this was a good idea.” I have been wanting to make another one for a long time but have been lacking inpiration on all creative fronts.

Thank you @CaptainTapole and Depeche Mode for bringing on the rain. Here come nights of watching the same movie over and over again, writing down time indexes and editing. I feel restored!

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Sleep Sweet King, You Will Be Missed

June 25th, 2009

Today if a very sad day for me. Michael Jackson has passed away at the age of 50.

I loved Michael Jackson. I can remember when I was younger, my sister and I wanted my mom to marry Michael Jackson. I loved to listen to his music and watch him dance. I think watching him dance was one of the reasons I wanted to be a dancer myself. Watching him perform was like hearing the angels sing. It was perfect and flowing and effortless. He loved what he was doing and in return, I loved him.

He not only inspired me to dance, he inspired my dance teacher as a choreographer among many other choreographers around the world. To be able to work with Michael Jackson was a blessing and an honour. Many R&B, Hip/Hop and Pop artists today are inspired by this man as well. If you were to watch their videos you are bound to find some variation of these movements that have become so iconic. My youngest loved Michael Jackson as well. I have pictures of my youngest in one of my Michael Jackson dance costumes imitating his signature moves.

Unfortunately many people preyed on this wonderful human being. He was misunderstood and hunted by the world. He had the soul of a child in the body of a man and he was rich! That made him the perfect target. Before his death, I was always afraid that he would be remembered for the scandal instead of being remembered for the wonderful contributions he made to the world. Not only did he revolutionize both music and dance and enriched our lives through the arts, but he was a champion for children and children’s charities. He gave of himself freely and in return was treated like crap. The treatment of him by the media at large and many around the world who have this sense of entitlement is one of the many reasons I think the paparazzi should be shot and killed. We should be extremely thankful for all that he has freely given to us and instead “we” feel this stupid sense of he owes us. Dance monkey, dance and make me happy. Hopefully I live to see the day when “we” are thankful to these people who choose a job that enriches our lives instead of treating them as belongings and slaves to our bidding and wishes.
Tormented Angel

The body of a man

The eyes of a child
The voice of an angel
So gentle and mild

He lived a life
Misunderstood and berated
He enriched the world
And was loved and hated

He gave the gift of song
He opened up his heart
And in return
We shut him in the dark

He was selfless and kind
Generous and loving
Bearing his soul
And in return got nothing

He gave us dance
We gave him suspicion
He gave us music
We gave him speculation

He opened up his home
We gave him accusation
He wanted to heal the world
We gave him condemnation

Now time has come
For him to rest
What we give him now
Will be the test

Sleep sweet my loving King of Pop. May you find peace and understanding.

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The New Sound of Radio

November 9th, 2008
This will be a very long post, but if you read to the very end, I promise you will not be disappointed. So earlier this year, something unexpected happened in my life. And it all started with an ad on Craigslist. Normally I don’t look at Craigslist since it doesn’t have specific ads for the town that I live in. However, one fated day in June, I decided to look at the tv/film/video posts under the jobs section. Once in awhile, there will be casting calls etc that are not BS. Well on that particular day, I saw an ad for Radio Personalities. It was a telecommute position. The ad was looking for radio personalities from around the world for this new radio station. And that is where this tale begins.

When I first read the ad, I was very excited because I live to entertain people. I have been acting and dancing on stage from a very young age. I thought, “OMG this position would be fantastic for me PLUS I get to do it from home!” Being able to work from home is a must for various reasons that I will get into at a later time. But that joy and excitement quickly faded to a “Shit! This ad is probably listed multiple times in multiple cities! DAMN! The market is so cut throat at the moment! GAH! They will never get to my application and my demo. (Part of the application process was submitting a short 30 second audition Mp3.) And I KNOW I would be perfect for this! WELL JEEBUS MURPHY!!!” How cruel fate seemed at that moment in time. So I closed my web browser and tried to not give it a second thought. But over the next three days, my mind went back to that ad. And every day, I would go back to Craigslist and read the ad. And every day, it was more cursing and swearing about how this would be the perfect opportunity. Well on the third day, I said to myself, “Fuck this, I am going to apply anyway. What is the worse that could happen? They don’t get to my application. Exactly. So do it already.” So once I decided to apply, a new set of problems arose. How on earth was I going to bring across my ideas, my personality and all that I had to offer the station in a mere 30 seconds?!?! It was impossible! There is so much to me, I have so many ideas, 30 seconds was not enough! So I spent yet another day trying to figure out how to complete this mission impossible. Finally, I came up with an idea and tried my best to execute it. Once the Mp3 was created, I composed the email containing all the information asked for, attached the Mp3, held my breath and hit send. This was at around 1 am my time (pacific). I thought one more time that there is no way on earth that my application will be read let alone have someone respond to it and off to bed I went.

The next morning, I got up, made coffee and sat down to do my morning routine. This consists of waiting for the coffee to brew, checking my email, checking the many forums I belong to, checking the blog I read and checking my email. Until I get many many many many cups of coffee into my system (they need to make coffee available through IV) I am far from coherent. My family knows that it is bad policy to say too much to me until my morning ritual is over and done with, cause crabby bear has nothing on me. Once my 20 or so daily emails downloads, I go and look through to see what needs my immediate attention and what can wait. And then I see it! YES IT!! I thought I was dreaming. How can this possibly be? NO BLOODY WAY! I looked at the time stamp. NO BLOODY WAY!! 5 am?!?! This cannot be true. I need more coffee cause now I am hallucinating! After giving my head a shake, rubbing my eyes and then looking at my inbox again, my heart leaped right out of my chest! HOLY SHIT! I AM NOT SEEING THINGS!! So I opened this fated email, and it is the General Manager saying he got my application and wants to arrange a telephone interview. Shut the front door! Four hours after sending out the email, I get a response?! When does that ever happen! So I answered right away saying yeah sure and giving good times for a phone call. Well three more days go by, and I haven’t heard anything in return. And that is when I started having that inner fight again. Of course it was too good to be true. Nothing like that ever happens in the entertainment industry. When I had just given up all hope, I get another email saying sorry I haven’t gotten back to you sooner, do you have MSN and we will do the interview there. So I email back my MSN ID, we add each other and the interview begins. He tells me the concept for the station and how it works and my mind began to race. What he was telling me has never been attempted before and it was about time someone did something like this! Oh the possibilities! So without a second thought, I accepted the job as a Radio Personality. And I thought, wow this cannot get any better. Well, I couldn’t have been more wrong!

About a week goes by and I get an MSN asking me if I could help out with a couple of things, because the other person who was suppose to help out didn’t have the time. It was nothing major and wouldn’t take much time. I said, “Well what do you need help with? I have spare time right now.” It was simple, he needed help interviewing people. He had a script all typed up, names and phone numbers for me to call. I had done this many times before for previous jobs. So I started to make the calls, interview people and get the paper work process started. Well this little bit of help, turned into more and more. Then one day I was asked if I wanted to be the Assistant Program Director. Are you serious?! YES! And then I began getting more and more duties. Next thing asked was did I want to be the Program Director? Again, without a moments hesitation, YES! After a lifetime of wanting something even a fraction of this, how could I say no? After that began the many many hours of training a staff of around 80 people, making sure the website was ready and a whole bunch of other things to make this wonderful project lift off. On September 13, 2008, all the hard work put into this project, became a reality.

Now what is this wonderful project? How can a radio station be wonderful? All you hear is the same tired garbage over and over again driven by record labels and corporations and big media wanting to make a quick buck off of the consumer. Well that certainly is not the case here! And when I try to tell people that, they find it very very hard to believe. But it is true. Now please hang on with me even more while I explain exactly why we are different and why I am so excited about this project, more excited than I have been about many things in a very long time.

If you go the station’s website, and then click on the about page, you will read this:

Party 934 is a new type of internet radio station. We are the first truly multigenre station, which means we do not have a set “format.” Our “Party Mixologists” have their own shows throughout the day and they get to play whatever type of music or talk about whatever they want.

How we are different

We have Party Mixologists playing pretty much every genre you can think of — from techno, house, dance, hip hop, R&B, rap, gospel, indie, alternative, jazz funk, Americana, Britpop, punk, and more!

In terms of our on-air personalities, we truly have a diverse team. We have
a professional music producers, like Alexander Cortada (Senior Party Mixologist EvilSeed) who has been making beats and producing music for over seven years. We also have Al-Kesna “AC” Shaw (Senior Party Mixologist AC) who has been extremely successful in terrestrial radio. At Bethune-Cookman College in Daytona Beach, Florida, AC served as the Program Director. Then, he got accepted to work at WHQT in Miami, Florida on Sundays as well as Assistant Production Director for Cox’s Radio cluster of stations. AC can also be heard doing colorful traffic reports on WHQT and sister station WEDR. In addition, we have two students from The University of the Arts (Philadelphia, PA), Chris and Mike (hosts of
“Chris & Mike at Nite”). They are the host of a very popular Broadway/musical theatre show on Party 934. We also have Felisha Ener – Senior Party Mixologist Mz. Fee (host of “Grown Folks Party”) who used to run a community radio station called 96.1 Tha Zone in Houston, Texas.

So, as you can see, Party 934 is extremely diverse — from professional deejays, to terrestrial radio personalities, to students, and finally to those just looking to do something constructive with their time!

Our views on the Top 40

You’ll never catch a Party Mixologist on Party 934 playing anything from the top 40. Party 934 feels that most artists who are on the top 40 do not need any more marketing for their music – which is not even that great to begin with. Party 934 wants to be different – we will never play anything from the Jonas Brothers, Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco, Linkin Park, or Miley Cyrus. These artists are already extremely popular (for whatever reason) and do not produce good music for the community. We feel that independent and semi-mainstream artists deserve more attention and promotional consideration for their hard work and efforts. Some musical artists on the top 40 don’t even write their own music or lyrics! We feel that promoting local, unsigned, and independent bands will help them in their musical ventures, because they deserve it for their hard work!

Now, I feel the about page really does not do the station justice, and I have thought many time that it need a re-write. First, we have a huge staff. Each staff member gets to play whatever music “does it” for them, their own personal brand, without having to find radio safe music. The listener gets to hear the music as the artist intends. As well, we do not censor our mixologists. They are free to talk about what they want. Of course we have rules about using racial slurs and derogatory comments re: sexuality, gender, religion etc, because that is not needed. It is not their jobs to be discriminatory. They are free to talk about what they want, but of course it needs to be kept professional at some level. If they are wanting to have a themed show, it is all up to them. We allow all of our personalities to have complete creative control over their own shows. If they are not enthusiastic about what they are doing, how on earth are the listeners going to be enthusiastic about tuning in. Another way we are extremely different is you will never hear the same personality for more than 2 hours (unless an emergency comes up and they have to cover for another mixologist). That way the listener doesn’t get tired by hearing the same personality every day for hours a day. In any given day, the listener has the opportunity to hear anywhere from 12-24 different personalities each playing their own choice of genre. You can listen from anywhere in the world that has internet connection. People who live in the Hudson Valley, NY also have the option of tuning in at 102.5 FM. And you get to hear personalities from around the world, bringing to you music that you will not get to hear on most radio stations in North America. We have mixologists in the following countries: The Philippines, Greece, Germany, Russia, the UK, Italy, Brazil, Canada and the USA. I am sure we will be adding more countries to the list in the near future, bringing variety you will not find anywhere else. There is no pressure for them to play any song since we don’t answer to the record labels. Yes, we are fully licensed and we pay all the necessary royalties, something that is very important. But it is even more important for the independent artists to get air time, since they are the one that have to work that hardest to be heard and we are a voice for them. At Party934, there is no need for long letter writing campaigns begging for air play. All an artist has to do is approach one of the mixologists, and if the mixologist likes their music, it gets played. Something else that is unheard of these days. We have a strict no current top 40 policy. Songs in the top 40 get played enough as it is, they don’t need someone else playing. Yes you will hear songs that have once been the in the top 40, but that is because the mixologist chooses to play it, not because some record label is giving the station a kick back for it to be played. I know some of the information in this paragraph is repetitive from what is on the about page, however I feel it needs to be stressed. Honest to bob, this is real. Its about time people had some real say in the media they not only have to put out to the public but that they choose to consume as well. And it is this creative control, this real voice that many people get to enjoy in what tends to be over ceonsored media, espcially in the states, that has me so very excited!

Well I think I have rambled enough for now. If you made it to the bottom of my post, kudos. Please check us out and support us. I promise you, you will find something that you like.

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