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Silence Is The Enemy – Stop The Silence

June 20th, 2009
It is time for another “Silence Is The Enemy” update. If you have not read my previous posts on this, please do so here and here. I have been neglecting the links on this blog and I feel awful about that. There is a reason for that however. I was waiting for the latest update regarding the creation of a central “Silence Is The Enemy” website where all the contributors can be found. And it is finally here. On that page, you can find many ways in which you can help, including a donate link to Doctors Without Borders. If you are not in a position where you are able donate to Doctors Without Borders and are not a blogger, just a quick reminder that is another way you can help. Several bloggers have pledged to donate their June revenue (based on traffic) to Doctors Without Borders, so you can support the effort with each click on:

In another news on this issue, posted this article today: South Africa’s Rape Crisis: 1 in 4 Men Say They’ve Done It. Here are some of the highlights from the article:

[…] study in which more than a quarter of men admitted to having raped, and 46% of those said that they had raped more than once.[…]

[…]Researchers interviewed 1,738 men of all race groups, in both urban and rural settings in the Eastern Cape and KwaZulu-Natal, provinces marked by high rates of AIDS and poverty, and the men answered questions about rape and HIV using small handheld computers in order to guarantee anonymity. Of those admitting rape, 73% said that they had committed their first assault before the age of 20.[…]

[…]South Africa has one of the highest incidents of reported rape in the world. The most recent statistics show that 36,190 cases of rape were reported to the police between April and December 2007, though experts believe that number only accounts for one out of nine cases. But the number of rape cases that make it to court — let alone result in a conviction — are far fewer.[…]

[…]Gender advocates say that the 2006 rape trial of prominent politician Jacob Zuma was incredibly damaging to their cause. Zuma, who was elected President this year, was tried and acquitted of raping an HIV-positive family friend. He told the court that the woman had dressed provocatively, in a traditional wrap-around kanga, and that it was against Zulu culture for a man to leave a sexually aroused woman unsatisfied.[…]

Please do what you can do to bring awareness to these issues, click on the above links and give a voice to women who, for whatever reason, are unable to speak with their own.

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Silence Is The Enemy Update

June 3rd, 2009
Since the Silence Is The Enemy movement was started two days ago, there has been a lot of momentum. Many voices and blogs have been added to help bring a voice to women whom for whatever reason, are unable to voice their own. And per usual, there are the trolls out there in cyberspace who fee this is uncalled for and just a waste of time, for whatever reason.

Over the next month, I will do my part to update people on this issue and to let them know different ways in which they can help. One of the criticisms I have heard is that speaking about it is not enough, how is that suppose to give any aid to the millions of women around the globe who are affected by institutionalized rape. Well my response to that is perhaps if enough voices speak out, global governments will be forced to do more than just denounce countries where these atrocities take place. If that is still not enough for you, if you look at my sidebar there is a list of sites that just by clicking on them during the month of June, all proceeds from those clicks will be donated to Doctors Without Borders to help them treat the survivors of these gang rapes. I have also including in my sidebar, a long list of fellow bloggers who are part of this blog coalition that have more to say on this topic. If you are on Facebook, there is a group has been created for this effort and again you can find the link in my sidebar.

Another criticism that has come up, is the evidence of these rapes is anecdotal. That comment angered me for a variety of reasons. That is like saying the Holocaust during WWII is a myth and is anecdotal. So for those interested and/or for those that are having a hard time grasping just how widespread this issue and other issues surrounding violence against women, here is a link to hundreds of scientific studies on the issue.

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Speaking out against Violence Against Women, Silence is the Enemy

June 1st, 2009
Some people may be thinking enough has been said on the topic of violence against women. I have even heard that it is a dead horse and people need to stop griping about it since women now have way more power than men. The pendulum has swung to the other side and now men are those in a powerless position. Even so awareness in regards to violence against women has increased in North America, that is not the case for the majority of the world. And that is why as many people as necessary need to speak up and voice their concerns and do what they can to help a situation that is getting worse around the world. Once friend has even gone as far as calling it the next great holocaust. I prefer the term female genocide.

Today, Phil Plait posted the following blog that is a blog about this blog by Sheril Kirshenbaum entitled Silence the Enemy. It is a very important read and please do your best to spread the word around and get others to blog, donate money and speak out against the massive rape against young women. Sheril talks about the massive rape of young girl in Liberia, Sudan and the Congo. Unfortunately that is just a small percentage of what actually is happening on a global scale.

Here are a few more examples of exactly how widespread this problem is:

  • In the Congo War of 2007, the military and militias on both sides raped women on a huge scale. Most were not only raped, but also mutilated — chunks of wood driven up their vagina, to destroy their cervix and uterus. Female circumcision also runs rampant.
  • In Eastern Europe, Russia, and Southeast Asia women are being violently trafficked for prostitution on a scale that rivals the African slave trade of the 18th and 19th centuries. Close to 1,000,000 children from around the world, are sold into the sex trade industry each year.
  • In India and Pakistan, acid attacks on women, intended to disfigure and/or blind them, are escalating. In Darfur, and other parts of the Sudan, so-called refugee camps have become nothing but “rape camps” in which women are confined and systematically sexually tortured.
  • In Bosnia and Kosovo in the 1990s, so-called “ethnic cleansing” included large-scale rape, murder, and sexual torture of women and female children.
  • In some Asian countries, it is common practice to kill a child if they are born female. If the child is not killed, many are abandoned or are mutilated in varies ways. One common practice is to drive pins into the newborns skull. This has led to an unbalance between male and female population necessary for procreation of the species.
The violence does not end there. Please do not remain silent and do what you can do to raise awareness. Give your voice for these women who do not have the freedom to have a voice of their own.

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