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Intelligent But Hilarious Children And Critical Thinking

September 14th, 2010

Today has been one of those day where the slightest thing has tried my patience. A normally even-tempered Jules had to avoid much of the internet today. Things that normally would cause me to say, OH FOR FUCK’S SAKE!”, had me yelling, “OH FOR FUCK OFF!” to my monitor. This is not good. So I spent a lot of my day avoiding blogs, which I normally love to read, and avoiding reading my Facebook news feed. I was in such a mood that I would have not felt any remorse at all when I inevitably stopped biting my tongue, so to speak, and lashed out.

In an attempt to calm the raging monster lurking inside of me, waiting for a moment to devour the first of many unsuspecting but deserving victims, I decided to listen to the one time that I was interviewed. Kid2 decided to join me for the last few minutes of the interview. And am I ever glad that he did. The conversations that occurred as a result managed to not only calm this savage beast but also subdue it into fits of roaring laughter.

Near the end of this interview, I was asked who I liked better, Wil Wheaton or Phil Plait. He came in just to hear the end of the conversation, where I say, “That is like asking me who I like better, Kirk or Picard” and some banter on that subject. Kid2 asked me, “Did Joe just ask you who you like better, Kirk or Picard?” I replied, “No. He asked who I like better, Wil or Phil.” His eyes became wide as saucers as he said, “OUCH! That is even more difficult to choose between! How could he ask you to choose?!” I howled and said, “You’re awesome! Yes, it is a more difficult choice.”

He sat with me for the remaining 10 minutes of the interview. We laughed together over the ridiculousness of it and other things; such as having Joe and Sammy team up on me being just as bad as if it were him and a myriad of other people, who are very good at teasing me, team up on me. Once it was done, I told him it was time for his shower.  Still laughing, he went to the shower and I checked Twitter. That is when I saw the following tweet from my friend Travis, “Just saw a good-looking woman I’ve never heard of accepting some kind of important Republican nomination on CNN. Most unpleasant deja vu.”

I HOWLED! I giggled and snorted for a good few minutes. I was still giggling when Kid2 got out of the shower. He asked me if I was still laughing from our discussion prior to his shower. I said, “No. I’m laughing at something a friend said on Twitter.” He asked me to tell him what it was. I told him he wouldn’t understand. He gave me that puppy dog look, which only children can give their parents, so I told him what it said.

Wanting to be part of the conversation, he laughed. I smiled at him and said, “You don’t get it, do you?” He shook his head, “No.” So, that is when I explained to him that it was a reference to Sarah Palin. He cocked his head and said, “That name sounds familiar, but I don’t know who she is.” I then explained to him that she was a candidate for the Vice President of the USA, she is pretty but she is not that smart. She believes that the earth is 6000 years old and that she can see Russia from her house in Alaska, among other things.

The look on his face and the ensuing conversation was priceless!

Kid2: Wait a minute. She thinks she can see Russia from her house?

Me: Well, that is what she said.

Kid2: Okay, well… that seems a little ridiculous to me. But what I have more issue with is, SHE THINKS THE WORLD IS 6000 YEARS OLD! REALLY? Has she ever heard of Science, mom?!?”

I smiled and said, “About 50% of Americans are what is known as “Young Earth Creationists”. Meaning, they believe that the Bible is literal, therefor the Earth is only 6000 years old and people and dinosaurs inhabited the planet together.

Kid2: Seriously?!? Again, have they not heard of Science??? Do they not go to school? How can they believe this?

It was then he gave me a demonstration of the history of the Universe using his arms. He held his arms as wide apart as they could go, told me to imagine this was the entire time line of the Universe and then showed me the minuscule portion of when the Earth formed, the even smaller portion of when dinosaurs inhabited the planet and the yet even smaller portion of human existence.

Kid2: It’s more complicated than that, mom. But that is basically it. That is SCIENCE! How can they rationally believe anything else?

Me: I didn’t say it was rational. I said that is what Young Earth Creationists believe. They believe that people rode dinosaurs, etc.

Kid2: Honestly!? You mean to tell me, what? That they think the time that the earth was all molten rock and stuff… and what about the ice ages, mom?!? What about those? So they think the earth being a molten lava pit and the ice ages, happened in like what? Minutes from each other?!?

Me: Pretty much. Well, you see, love. They have their own “scientists” who, with their own “science”, “prove” Science wrong.

Kid2: Well, isn’t that just stupid! That isn’t how you do Science! They are purposely going to find the answers they are looking for! That isn’t how it’s done! It’s like…  ummm… okay… as an example, if I go out searching for proof that God doesn’t exist, of course I’m going to find proof to suit my own beliefs because I’ve made my mind up on what the answer is. The same is if I go search for proof that God does exist! Of course I’m going to find “proof”. That isn’t finding answers or proof! That’s just trying to find things to support the ideas you already have! That isn’t how you are suppose to do it! And they call that science?!?

Me: Yes, hun. And you are exactly right. When you have an idea about something, you are not suppose to make up your mind first regarding the results but just test your theory and go from there. You gather the data, apply the math and let it give you the answers, not the other way around.

Kid2: I still can’t believe in this day and age people still think the Earth is only 6000 years old! That is just insane!

And with that, he went to bed.

I smiled. I am still smiling. I have some of the best conversations with my children. It makes me happy that I’m teaching them how to think critically and be skeptical about the world around them. I worry sometimes because Kid2 will see something on YouTube or elsewhere (2012 being a big one lately) and we have to have long discussions about the faulty science behind it. But then he will have a rant of Jules Epic Proportions or we will laugh and geek out about things together, and I can be content.

Aside from being able to laugh with my child tonight, chasing away the monster within, I had the opportunity to have a very good discussion about the world in which we live and the people we share it with. And to think, those comments came out of the mouth of an 11 year old child.

It is too bad that many adults still do not know how to apply such logic to the world around them.

In Which Kid2 And I Share A Geekasm

May 28th, 2010

Today was full of awesome and win. And I thought an experience I shared last night with Kid2 wouldn’t be able to be topped for awhile.

Last night, The Hoff somehow came up in conversation. I decided to share some of my most favourite cheesy Hoff music videos with Kid2. And he loved them almost as much as I do. It was a pretty fun thing to share with him. It was nice to see him share the same enthusiasm that I do for things that are just a little bit off. I keep trying to figure out if I am a bad influence or a good influence on my children as I expose them to things children normally have to come upon on their own or that in “normal” households, they cannot share the joy with their parents. I thought it would be awhile before an equally awesome event would take place. And then earlier today, was The Awesome Hour.

Wil Wheaton is currently at the Phoenix Comic Con. He has this thing that he does at conventions called The Awesome Hour. He blogged about it yesterday and I called him a tease for not sharing with his readers the epiphany he had come up with that would later become The Awesome Hour. Then today, just as it was about to start, he tweeted that it would be streamed live over this thing called the internets. This made a happy Jules a very happy Jules indeed.

Just as it was starting, Kid2 came whizzing into the house (as he does) with a quick “Hi!” and “Bye! Going to go whiz through Splinter Cell again!” Then this streak of a child went flashing down the corridor. I called out, “Hey! You! Not so fast! Wil is speaking. Do you want to come and listen with me?” He replied with, “I’ve heard Wil speak, mom. Maybe another time”, as he began to turn to make his exit. Before he could get a quarter of the way there, I informed him that Wil is currently speaking live at a convention and we can listen to it live! Online! We don’t even have to leave the comfort of being pantless to attend a convention that is 2620.012 km away! He found this idea to be pretty intriguing and pulled up a chair beside me. (Isn’t living in the future awesome!)

Near the beginning of his talk, Wil was speaking about the Atari 2600. Holy jumping jellybeans! If only you could see Kid2’s face as it lit up as Wil spoke about gaming. And to make it even more awesome, about gaming from the 80s. Kid2 loves the 80s. There are times I think he knows more about the 80s than I do and I grew up in the them. Kid2 wasn’t even a glimmer in his dad’s eye at that time. It really was this super cool thing to watch as Kid2’s face was pointing towards me. However, he was looking passed me as he cocked his left ear to listen ever so intently to the words Wil spoke.

As Kid2 looks passed me, I found myself staring back at him while the tones of Wil’s voice faded into the background. I watched the sparkle in his eyes, his mouth curl with half smiles. I watched him fist pump the air, only to be jostled back into reality when Kid2 would exclaim, “O.M.G! MOM! This is freaking rad!” and I would have turn my ear back to what was being said so that I could comment and have a geeky conversation with my son. We laughed at how Wil has thrown around “that’s what she said” with his boys, as it is a common occurrence in this house. We had discussions about all the games Wil mentioned as they are some of Kid2’s favourites. We talked about how Wil’s kids are weird since they would tell Wil he’s weird when really he isn’t (clarification: my children call me weird all the time. But in this house it is a compliment as my boys think I am pretty damn cool). I smiled every time Kid2 would comment about how similar Wil and I are.

That actually use to be a running joke with my ex. I would say something or talk about something, only for Wil to tweet almost the exact same thing or blog about it shortly afterwards. He would joke that Wil and I were long lost twins even so we are 3.5 years apart. Something about a tear in the space-time continuum messing with when I came into existence as you hear and see me now. And this is the major reason why I enjoy Wil the way I do. Not because of some silly crush that formed when I was 10. But because we are the same “people”.

Our lives developed very similarly. An example of that is when he was 25ish he had two boys, the oldest being 5ish. When I was 25ish, I had to two boys, my oldest being 5. We also share A LOT of the same geeky/nerdy obsessions. We have the same warped sense of humour. And we are basically the same age. Even so I didn’t literally grow up with him in the sense where we grew up as friends and hanging out etc, I did grow up with him and he was the first geeky person for me to be acquainted with in some manner. It was nice having someone similar to me having the same experiences I would have but a couple years before me so that I knew what was to come.

So, of course it makes me happy that he is one of the people Kid2 looks up to. When I was Kid2’s age, I was the lone geek/nerd. I wasn’t teased for it by my peers. They always seemed to just accept it. But I had no one to really look up to or to relate with. I had no models in the media to let me know that it was cool and okay. I had to tread these waters alone. It wasn’t until adulthood and the internets that I was able to find my tribe and by that time, I was too old for role models.

And even so I think my boys have a pretty cool geeky role model in me, it comforts me that they get to have role models outside of me. They were born into this geeky family which my generation had to go through a lot of teasing and pain to create and have it be accepted. It makes me smile with a stupid grin that my once childhood crush is now one of Kid2’s biggest role models. (Don’t tell Wil. He gets a little self-conscious when he has to think about these things.)

The Awesome Hour was almost over and Kid2 decided he didn’t want to listen to anymore of the Q&A and really needed to tear through Splinter Cell for like the billionth time. He went into the living room and played his game. But every now and then I would hear a big cheer as Wil would mention things such as, people who think girls shouldn’t like these things are stupid. There was an even louder cheer (and I swear I heard a fist pump) when Wil said geek girls are hawt (and a “Mom, Wil thinks you’re hawt! They don’t get much geekier than you, mom!). And an “all right!” when Wil said he was left handed (Kid2, even so he is ambi, decides to use his left more than his right).

I have to say The Awesome Hour was pretty damn awesome. And not because of what Wil had to say (don’t get me wrong he is a great speaker and very funny) but because I got to geekasm with my 11 year old son. We may have been geekasming over different things, as our heads were in different places, but I cannot think of a better way to spend time with my son. Thank you, internets. Thank you, future. Thank you, Wil.

Panties For Breakfast

August 12th, 2009

Sometimes I get these crazy ideas.  And I always find them quite hilarious.  Others tend to disagree from time to time.  I just chalk that up to them not being in my weird and wonderful head space.

The following is about one of those weird and wonderful ideas that has been in my head for awhile. Today, reading these comments on Wil Wheaton’s blog about PAX made it come from the back of my mind to the front once again:

Melissa: What’s this about dodgy lingerie?



Like, all the pretty ladies will be throwing their lingerie at me while I’m on stage, and I’l be all, “Oh my! Please stop! I can’t possibly continue dodging all of this lingerie!”

You know, like I’m Tom Jones or something. (Which I kind of am.)

Me: Cause you eat panties for breakfast (at least that is how my youngest interpreted your Tom Jones tweet)

Now to back up further, here is that whole sequence of events:

@wilw “Anne: Dude! Look at that billboard of Tom Jones! Me (Tom Jones Voice): “I’m an old man, but I’ll still eat your panties for breakfast.””
To which this conversation occurred that I just had to tweet:
Kid2 (reading over my shoulder): Why is @wilw eating panties for breakfast? Me: Because he can.

One morning Wil tweets this:

@wilw “Anne: Dude! Look at that billboard of Tom Jones! Me (Tom Jones Voice): “I’m an old man, but I’ll still eat your panties for breakfast.”

To which this conversation occurred that I just had to tweet:

Kid2 (reading over my shoulder): Why is @wilw eating panties for breakfast? Me: Because he can.

I also had to tweet to Wil one day when he was having nerves about a reading that he needs to tell those nerves to go away because he is Wil Wheaton and he eats panties for breakfast.  Seriously, everyone goes on and on about Chuck Norris this and Chuck Norris that BUT Chuck Norris doesn’t eat mother fucking panties for breakfast, WIL DOES!

So maybe a t-shirt needs to be made that says something along the lines (or other variations):

Chuck Norris may be able to piss his name into concrete BUT Wil Wheaton eats panties for breakfast because he can!

I know the above is way feeble, however I am sure with time panties for breakfast could become epic.

Wil, Phil and Shane Available For Download

July 13th, 2009
I do have to say my last four days have been pretty awesome. I got to geek out with Shane Nickerson. I got to geek out for hours with a friend. I got to geek out all day with my youngest over the Star Wars Lego game for Nintendo GameCube and listen to hours of sheer excitement when he finally unlocked the secret level, and then Star Wars in general. Being able to geek out with your own children is the coolest thing one could ever do. Way cooler than geeking out with a peer as far as I am concerned.

Then imagine my even greater joy when some of my favourite more well known geeks started to geek out about the exact same things I have been geeking out about for days! I just love when that happens. It is a nice reminder of how extremely cool the geek community is. There are many things that define what it means to be a geek. However, in my experiences (despite our own flavours of geekiness) I can always find at least one common thing with all geeks. There is this stupid, warm, giddy excitement we feel when we grok each other.

I have had the pleasure of interviewing three of my favourite more well known geeks, Wil Wheaton, Dr. Phil Plait and Shane Nickerson. I have respect for these people that reach far beyond the fact they are geeks and are well known for each doing their own thing. I do hope my list of favourite geeks I have interviewed becomes more. If it doesn’t it will not matter as I have had this awesome opportunity that I never in a millions years thought would ever happen. I have uploaded these interviews here to my blog but have not made them available for download (save one) and really, that is a shame.

So I am going to fix that problem to allow people to geek them as often as they want and find them easily without having to search my blog. I am also going to include a new sidebar that will allow for easier finding of these interviews and the stories that may accompany them. I really do not know why I did not do this earlier. But the events of the last four days have made me think if I enjoy these similarities so much, then maybe others will to. And if others will to, then maybe I should make it easier for people to find them, enjoy them and share them with others.


(Note: Each interview does contain some language. So please bear that in mind before listening.)

To download my Wil Wheaton interview, right click, save as (or whatever the equivalent is for the browser you are using).

To download my Dr. Phil Plait interview, right click, save as (or whatever the equivalent is for the browser you are using).

To download my Shane Nickerson interview, right click, save as (or whatever the equivalent is for the browser you are using).

Please enjoy, share freely, geek and be merry.

p.s. I had to put back together the Wil Wheaton interview as it was cut into 5 parts. I did not listen prior to uploading as I wanted this available as soon as possible. Hopefully I didn’t duplicate anything or miss something. If you notice a problem with it, please let me know. As well, the interview does end rather abruptly. That is not an issue. Since the interview was not live and was pre-recorded, after the final segment I went on to talk about how things were wrapped up and did not include our good-byes in the interview.

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Geeking Out With Shane Nickerson

June 20th, 2009
I was going to hold off writing this until the morning but I am afraid I will not be able to sleep until I get this out. So there is this guy and his name is Shane Nickerson. He is a pretty funny guy. Well a really funny guy. I became aware of just how funny this guy is through this blog by Wil Wheaton, in which this video was posted (do not watch if you are opposed to used of the word F*ck).

F Twitter from Shane Nickerson on Vimeo.

Twitter is slowly ruining me. This is my cry for help.

Shane is the executive producer of the MTV show “Rob Dyrdek’s Fantasy Factory.” If you live in Canada, you can watch full episodes here. If you live in the States, here. As well, he is a blogger, vlogger, geek, dad, tweeter, writer and actor, among other things. He is also going to co-host my Geeky Pleasures show at Party 934 on July 10, 2009 from 9 pm PT – 11 pm PT. Now this is going to be very cool because not only are we doing the on air thing, but he is also going to co-host the Ustream part. So you will get your chance to see and hear what we talk about when the mic goes to stand-by PLUS you can chat live with us in Ustream chat. Now if you think that is cool, it gets cooler. At least for me on my end.

Tonight (well technically last night) while I am doing my Geeky Pleasures show, guess who shows up unannounced to just hang out and talk in Ustream chat? Let me tell you, it was a bit of an “OMG this cannot be real” moment. I hadn’t even given him the link to the station or the Ustream yet. I joked with him earlier in the day that I was going to go all fan girl on air because he had replied to a reply I sent him on Twitter about something. I was going to do this “OMG guess who I tweetalked with today?” only for him to show up. He shows up unnannounced and my brain vacated my body. I am still stupid with exitement over this. I love the internets so much. Because really, how cool is it that you can have someone show up at your place of work when one of them lives in Hollywood and the other in a small town on Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada?

To add to the wonderful surprise of him just showing up unannounced and the brainplosion that ensued, I was having some difficulties with audio settings on my end. I had received a complaint last week from a listener because they could not hear the music on the Ustream and had to listen to the site as well. I wasn’t going to do anything about that but I had figured well maybe I will try fixing that problem. I will not be doing it again for reasons you are about to read. I hijacked the sound so that what was in my headset would stream on Ustream. This caused me to hear myself talk in my headset with an echo from the feed and it totally messed with my brain (which was already messed with because I was virtually hanging out with Shane Nickerson!). My mic breaks were a complete disaster thanks to this audio echo thing. I failed completely on the night that Shane stops by unannounced. It was so very cool.

And to make it even better (did I say this guy is funny) he added to my geek topic of the night. The topic was favourite geek websites or videos. One of the sites he contributed was I had made a mental note in chat to pronounce is BONner otherwise boner was sure to come out. As I am doing my mic break and giving out the web address, I am keeping my eye on chat. I see Shane type out, “NO! Its boner” so I say on air, “Never mind that, its Boner” (did I not just finish saying I experienced a brainsplosion?) only for Shane and another chat member to start virtual laughing and say no you had it right for first time which caused me to have to say SHIT it is Bonner and explain the whole situation that is going on in chat on air. You have to remember this is all in one mic break and is occurring in the matter of mere seconds. It was chaos (in my brain). It was a riot! I laughed so hard and I may have even blushed because I couldn’t believe I fell for that. Especially after we had just finished talking about how I was prone to say boner on air and had been repeating bonner over and over again in my head just moments prior.

My day rocked! I got to virtually hang out with Shane Nickerson. We chatted for close to two hours. Talked about our mutual obsessive natures. Geeked out a little. I cannot wait to do it again. And I cannot wait until Shane and I get to geek out with the listeners.

Shane if you read this, I really am a cool person. I am not normally flighty and fan girlish. But as I said to you in chat, you made my day. And I wanted to share it with the world.

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Dr. Phil Plait aka Mister Bad Astronomy

June 5th, 2009
The day has finally come. Tonight Dr. Phil Plait will be co-hosting my Geeky Pleasures show. I am a tad nervous about this. Mind you not as nervous as I was when I got to interview Wil Wheaton on my show, but nonetheless I am still nervous. No sooner do I think I have all my questions that I want to ask sketched out in my head, he posts yet another wonderful blog that causes me to rethink interview topics. Regardless of what direction the show takes tonight, it will be a very good one.

Showtime is 9 pm PDT, Midnight EDT. To listen:

Winamp/iTunes/XMMS: [Click here]
Windows Media Player: [Click here]
RealPlayer: [Click here]

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Growing Up in the Age of the Arcade

June 4th, 2009
Ever have those moments when you are reminded of just how old you really are? Ever have those moments where you think HOLY CRAP was it really that long ago? Do you ever look at your children and think to yourself, sure they have a lot of cool high tech gadgets HOWEVER they will never know how cool it really was? I have those moments frequently. Lately however, those moments seem to be coming on an almost daily basis and the inspiration for those moments seem to be coming from the same source *glares at that dude who lives in California*.

The generation that is mine, grew up in a very magical time. We grew up in a time of rapid scientific advancement. We grew up in an era where almost overnight, computers went from these monstrosities that inhabited buildings the size of a city block to the person desktop computer. We grew up in a time, where almost overnight, you had to be rich to have a computer in your home to a time where having a computer is no different than owning a Tonka truck. Just think about it for a few moments. When my grandmother grew up (and it really was not all that long ago) not every house had running water or sewage. The television wasn’t even on the radar. How many years did it take from the advent of the light bulb to a time where it is common for all houses to have electricity? Even today, since the advent of the Internet, it is still common for people in small rural areas to have to rely on dial-up for their connection. But we all have our games.

Gaming, regardless of format, has been around since the beginning of time. I cannot think of one society where games and gaming have not been an important part of the larger community. In the past, depending on the society, losing the game often resulted in death. Take the lottery as an example. Not too long ago (if you look at history in a broad scope) winning the lottery did not mean millions of dollars, it meant death. Then something happened a long the way. Gaming turned into a family affair. And then the age of the computer started, and we have so many gaming opportunities, it would take a lifetime to explore the smallest fraction of what is available.

I grew up in the age of of the arcade which grew to console gaming and computer gaming. I grew up in an age where gaming exploded from sitting around the table with a group of people and interacting on a community scale to one on one interaction between the gamer and the electronic medium. I grew up in a time where you could not enter a store without seeing an arcade game and whole store fronts being dedicated to nothing but arcade games. I miss this time in history. And as much as I love to sit down with a console system or my PC, I miss the physical plunking of quarters into a machine for anywhere from minutes of fun to hours of fun. I do blame console gaming for this. Technology advanced to a point where it became cheaper and more practical to play the games at home instead of going to loud and funny smelling locations. I wish my children had the opportunity to enjoy the same joy and pleasure that I received from the simple act of plunking a quarter, hearing the 8-bit start up music and gaming. I have in a round about way shown them that pleasure by purchasing games that were once only available at an arcade game for console format. A couple examples, for their GameCube they have all the versions of Zelda ever on one disk, all the versions of Pac-Man on one disk and all the versions of Sonic on one disk. Thank you Nintendo for that! I have done my best to pass on the same love of gaming (even though they tell me all the time, poor you mom the graphics from your time are so bad) that was given to me by my mother. Yes, my mother.

My mother was not a good one by any stretch of the imagination. My childhood was far from ideal. But I do owe my love of gaming in any format to her. Unlike the parents of the other children I grew up with, my mother encouraged us to play arcade and console games. I use to live five city blocks from the coolest arcade I had ever seen. We were never discouraged from going there and spending hours playing games. We never had to not tell her in fear she would say no. To add to this, we grew up on Vancouver Island and at least once a year, we would travel to the mainland. This involved taking a ferry. This involved a lot of anticipation because there was an arcade on the ferry. My mother would give my sister and I each 10$ that we could spend on whatever we wanted during the 2 hour trip. That was like a billion dollars when you are in the 80s and in the the first to second decade of your life! Half of that I would always spend on some type of puzzle book from the gift shop. This would keep me occupied during the long drive ahead after we got off the ferry. The other half, you guessed it, would go straight to the change machine that would proceed to spit out 20 shiny quarters. Even so fighting would ensue between my sister and I over who got to play what game first, those trips were some of the coolest trips in my life.

The same goes for console gaming. My mom was just as much into it as we were. From our first console (ColecoVision in 1982) and hours of Lady Bug and Donkey Kong and then later when Nintendo came out with Duck Hunt and Mario, we would have to fight and pry the controller out of her hands. It was a constant cry of, “When do we get to play mom? C’mon mom, you have had it for hours!” For us, it was part of our family time. It was not seen as some thing that the children did alone which required them to be glued to a television set for hours at a time not being part of the family. Wow, I still have a hard time believing it has been 27 years since my first console gaming system.

The gaming did not end there. We played board games all the time. My mom was ruthless, let me tell you. She would never let my sister and I win. She taught us how to really play the game. This also translated to playing the Christmas family penny poker games. It would be the grandparents, aunts and uncles, parents and my sister and I at the dinner table as soon as dessert was over, sitting down to a long night of poker. I really do owe my love of gaming in all forms to my mom. That is the one thing I will always be thankful to her for.

And now I am passing on the same love of gaming, in all its forms, to my own children. Sure the graphics may be better. Sure the games may be more involved and more in depth. However, they will never have the joy of the arcade. And part of me thinks they even realize what they have missed out on. And this is what gives me that little hint. My youngest (10) wants to be the next Stephen King when he grows up. He is already writing many a wonderful story, comics and creating storyboards for future movies he wants to create. He had to do a creative writing exercise at school. Part of the exercise was creating a storyboard for the book after the brainstorming exercise. The time the story took place was the day and year of his birth. The location of the story was an arcade, which he describes as “smelling like flat cream soda and stale popcorn”. The boy in the story plunks his quarter into a machine. The boy does not realize the machine is broken and is unplugged. The boy suddenly gets whisked away into a different reality where he has to fight the 8-bit creatures from the video game. My child has never stepped foot in an arcade in his life.

Maybe the age of the arcade is not dead after all.

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And the winner is..

May 30th, 2009
Many funny happenings occur in my life during the week. Sometimes it is things that I watch on t.v., it may be something that I read online, it may be something I see on the street or it may be something my children say to me.

The runner up for the funniest moment of the week goes to my son. I am a huge So You Think You Can Dance fan. As a trained dancer myself, I think it is about time there is a show like this. A reality show that has quality and that bring the joy of dance to millions of viewers around the world. Many countries around the world have their own seasons of it and last year it finally came to Canada. Well, the American version premiered last week. My youngest and I were watching it last night and he started to pout when it was his bed time and the show was not over. Before going to bed, the following conversation took place:

Kid: Is Sick auditioning again this year?

Me: His name is Sex and yes he is auditioning.

Kid: EWWW that is even worse.

Me: Goodnight monkey butt.

Now anyone who has read my blogs and or has listened to my radio show knows that I am a huge Wil Wheaton fan. I had the extreme pleasure of interviewing him late last year (you can listen to the interview here in the podcast player at the top of the page). The winner of the funniest thing I came across this week goes to this little thing brought to you I believe from @jumpkick

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I am so Excited I Could Blast Off into the Farthest Reaches of the Universe!

May 20th, 2009
I am beyond giddy at the moment! I just received confirmation that I will be interview ing another one of my favourite Geeky Pleasure people for my Geeky Pleasures show onParty934, June 5th. He is one of my favourite bloggers (one of the three that I make sure to check on a daily basis). He is one of my favourite anti-science people. Let me correct that, HE IS MY KING OF ANTISCIENCE (just as Wil Wheaton is my King of Geek). The dude got to work on Hubble of all things! And this would be none other than the amazing, the fantastic Dr. Phil Plait.

Now some of you may be asking who? Well he is this dude, the writer of Bad Astronomy which is a blog on Discover Magazine online. His blog is so amazing that it has recently been named one of’s Best Blog of 2009. If you google search him, you will find a lot more very interesting information on the man, well because he truly is a very interesting individual. He is also the author of “Death From the Skies!”, which you can order on Amazon,Barnes and Noble and Borders.

In some communities, he has recently received flack for his stance on antivaxxers and the harm that community is doing. Here is his most recent blog on the subject Are Antivaxxers Liable for Preventable Death. If you read the comment section, it is somewhat heated. He has many blogs on the subject as it is very important that science is heard over the anti-science of McCarthy et al. Do the digging through his blog because it is very important information. One day, I was really angry to see that some reader gave him shit for posting about this since it wasn’t about astronomy. Well you know what, it is HIS blog so he gets to talk about whatever he chooses. You don’t like it, don’t read that blog entry as they are all very clearly titled. However, actually do read them because they need to be read. People need to hear more than just a few sides to this story. If you read his latest blog on the subject, you will see my comments quite a few times. The discussion left me very angry and hurt for a few reasons (which I do plan on blogging about when I can blog about it rationally and logically instead of from a place of heated emotions and frustrations).

I really don’t think I will be able to sleep tonight, because for me, this is extremely exciting news and I am beyond giddy! If someone does not tie me down soon, I think I will reach escape velocity and blast off into the farthest reaches of the Universe (and that is a whole other topic of discussion as my youngest (who is 10) asked me the other day, “Mom, if the universe is constantly expanding, that means there is an end, but there isn’t because its always growing bigger but if is growing it has to stop somewhere since it has to grow from some type of ending. MAN, now my head hurts! “).

Show time will be 9 pm PT – 11 pm PT on Friday, June 5, 2009 pending any unforseen circumstance.

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Reasons Why I Am Proud to be a Canadian

November 20th, 2008
A few things came to my attention today that served as a wonderful reminder as to why I am proud to be a Canadian. Some of them may seem pretty minor, however they do reflect what a wonderful free society we live in.

The first two reminders came while watching my favourite shows So You Think You Can Dance Canada. As someone who is trained in dance, this is a wonderful show that finally puts dance and the powers of dance back into the spotlight. Music and dance truly unite the world. Now back to the things that took place during last night’s show. Watch this clip and then I will explain.

Dan Karaty stated the number above would have never been allowed on network television in the United States. On one hand I found it shocking that a piece of art would be censored but when I thought about it more, it doesn’t surprise me at all. I am proud that censorship is kept to a minimum in Canada, even on network television. Shows like Nip/Tuck are not shown on network television but special channels. We are lucky that in Canada after I believe 9 pm, there is very little to no censorship. You will even see soft porn or “blue” movies on regular network television. To me that is a sign of a truly free country, where the government leaves it up to the viewer to decide what is appropriate to watch and not the government or special interest group.

The second reason also came from tonight’s episode along with another comment from Dan. He said that being a judge on So You Think You Can Dance in the States has allowed him the pleasure to be a guest judge not only in Canada but around the world. He also commented on how Canadian dancers are second to none. More of Dan’s thoughts can be found here. Yes, Canada does have so much amazing talent. It is why I dedicate one of my shows on the station to nothing but Canadian musicians.

The third reason has to do with a post from yesterday on Wil Wheaton’s blog. Here is the blog in question and it has to do with the “evils” of gay marriage. It served as yet another wonderful reminder of what a wonderful country I live in. If you read the comments on it and read my comments (Jules), you will get more insight there.

And the last reason, is for something that may seem so simple but is amazing. I love how our government recognized people for their achievements in huge ways. Even our teachers who shape the future of our society. I was very excited to learn that my youngest son’s teacher has won one of the most prestigious awards an ordinary citizen can get by the Governor General. Not bad for a teacher who lives in a town of roughly 1200 people.Now there are so many more reasons why I am proud to be a Canadian, however those are the 4 little but big things that reminded me of the reasons today.